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Beyond the Horizon

The sound of the jungle is deafening as your party cuts its way through the shadowed undergrowth. It seems impossible to keep a path open for long as the voracious plants eagerly compete to claim any space amidst the tangled wilderness. Yet people manage not only to live here but to thrive. A vast but primitive civilization has built great cities of stone and timber, tall altars to unknown gods and profane altars to sinister deities. You can claim this as your own despite the verdant labyrinth. 

In this exciting event you will be competing with your alliance to acquire and hold INFLUENCE. The winners will be the alliance that has the highest influence at the end of the event. It is not going to be a simple task however as enemy alliances will be competing to gain this too and they will be attempting to plunder yours. To join your account will need to be level thirty or above. You will also need to be a member of an Alliance before the event starts. You will not be able to join an alliance later and take part in the event. 


Each player will start the event with 25,000 influence. You will gain more by conquering City States on the World Map. When you conquer a City State you will trigger a timer. After eight hours you will have acquired all the influence possible from the City State and this will then be transferred directly back to your Castle. Your troops will then also return. All transfers of Influence are automatic and immediate. You do not need to send it anywhere.

While you are gathering Influence from a City State it can be attacked and conquered by another player. This does not reset the timer for gathering Influence and therefore close to the time that the Influence will be transferred from your City State will likely come under attack from your rivals.  

Once the Influence has been transferred, the City State will be removed from the map. This means that the total number of City States will be reducing over the course of the event. Influence will slowly become harder and harder to acquire forcing you to look to your rivals to gain more. 

Now that you have Influence in your Castle other players will be able to attack you directly to plunder a portion of your Influence, of course the same applies to you and if you want you can attack someone directly to plunder a portion of their hard earned Influence. Your Influence will be transferred daily to the vaults in your Alliance Capital for safe keeping.

It is important to distinguish that there are two types of influence. The first consists of both Influence in your Castle and that which you gather from City States and we will refer to these as Player Influence. The second is that which is stored in the Alliance Capital we will refer to as Alliance Influence.

When you attack another player you will plunder a portion of their Influence and this becomes Player Influence. When you attack an Alliance Capital you will also plunder a portion of the Influence stored there. This also then becomes Player Influence meaning you have to hold onto it before it gets transferred to your Alliance Capital. 

The winning Alliance will be the Alliance with the most Influence at the end of the event. Player Influence not yet transported on the final day of the event will be converted into Alliance Influence as the event ends.


Alliances are the heartsblood of the event. When you start Beyond the Horizon you will be placed in an Alliance, the members of which will be drawn from your Alliance in your main account. However Alliances in the event have a maximum of twenty places. Therefore once the first Alliance is filled a second and eventually a third will open allowing up to sixty members to join. These smaller event Alliances will operate independently of each other in Beyond the Horizon and will be awarded prizes based on their performance alone.

The first player to join will be made the Alliance Leader and will be solely responsible for the Alliance Capital. Therefore it would be wise to make sure that you organize amongst yourselves who joins and in what order. The 21st and 41st players will in turn become leaders of the second and third alliances.

If your Alliance in the main account has the full sixty five members then the final five will be placed into an alliance with only five members.

Observation Towers

There are observation towers to be found around the World Map. Capturing and holding these will be key to your strategy. These provide bonuses when attacking City States and when attacking Alliance Capitals. However, the jungle is an ever changing place and Observation Towers soon become choked with vines and blocked by trees. When this happens they will be removed from the map.


You will find Altars in the City States you capture. These can be upgraded and will reduce the time you need to gather the influence from that City State. Clever use of these can deceive your opponents and foil their attempts to capture the City State!

Cultist Shrine

On the World Map you will eventually come across Cultist Shrines. These profane edifices have seen generations of sacrifice and death. You will be able to attack and kill the natives that hold them. You will gain rewards and experience for attacking the Shrines and these will level up after each attack. The higher the level the more occupiers you will need to defeat but also the more rewards you get for their defeat.

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