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HTML5 Switch - FAQ

Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367

Lords and Ladies,

Our switch to HTML5 will continue throughout 2020, by the end of March we will only offer the Green Kingdom in Flash. All other content will need to be accessed with HTML 5. The decision to upgrade to HTML5 and leave Flash behind is one that has been out of our hands since Flash will be deactivated as an outdated technology.

At the end of 2020 Adobe, the creator of Flash, will completely stop the support for this software. 

Another reason to switch is to avoid additional effort in maintaining two versions (Flash & HTML5) at the same time: it’s not only double the effort in testing and bug fixing, but also a lot of additional technical steps that have to happen in the whole process to release a well tested  and playable version. As a player you also benefit from saving that effort, as we can focus on bug fixing for one version and take less time to work on changes and features. 

 We would like to do a final roundup for HTML5 and bring all the loose ends together. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Which browsers are recommended for HTML5?

HTML5 is a technology that should work well in any supported browser you choose. If you are not sure if your browser supports HTML5 please check the software developer’s website for more details. While you should be able to use any browser, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of either Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. We specifically advise to not use Internet Explorer. Find further explanations on the reason below.

Currently (February 2020) Microsoft Edge is the most optimal browser, specifically with the Chromium plugin. 

Where can I get Edge Chromium from?

In order to install Edge Chromium please visit their website here. Select “Download” and the file will be downloaded to your computer. A new window will pop-up on the bottom of the page with the downloaded file. Click on the pop-up. Another new window will appear asking you how to proceed with the file. Choose “Select” and the installation dialogue will pop up. Click “Install” and the installation will start. 


Where can I get Google Chrome from?

You can easily download Google Chrome from their website here. After clicking “Download Chrome” a new window will pop up, where you´ll have to confirm the download by clicking “Accept and Install”. Before this step please decide if you would like to set Google Chrome as your default browser and if you want to allow the browser to automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google, then select the relevant options as they appear. An install file will be downloaded and the installation will start right away if you are performing this with Internet Explorer (when using Firefox, a bar with the downloaded file will appear at the bottom of the page, which you will need to double-click and then accept the installation by selecting “Run”).

Where can I get Opera from?

In order to install Opera please visit their website here. Select “Download” and the file will be downloaded to your computer. A new window will pop-up on the bottom of the page with the downloaded file. Click on the pop-up. Another new window will appear asking you how to proceed with the file. Choose “Select” and the Opera installation dialogue will pop up. Click “Install” and the installation will start. 

Where can I get Firefox from?

In order to install Mozilla Firefox please visit their website here. Select “Download Now” and the file will be downloaded to your computer. A new window will pop-up on the bottom of the page asking you how to proceed with the downloaded file. Choose “Run” and Mozilla Firefox will be installed (when using Google Chrome there’s a bar where the downloaded file will appear at the bottom of the page, which you will need to double-click and then accept the installation by selecting “Run”). 

What if I already use Google Chrome, Opera and/or Firefox? 

In theory, you’re already good to go then and should be able to start with your Empire HTML5 experience! 

Yet, there might be one thing which you need to do though, if you haven’t done so already (or if you’re eventually not doing that quite as frequently): You’d have to update your browser of choice to the most up-to-date version that’s currently available! This can normally be done by either automatically or manually updating it and/or by downloading it from the websites which we provided you with under each browser’s respective “Where can I get…” category/question. So please make sure to upgrade your browser and keep it updated at all times! 


Why shouldn’t I use Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is an outdated browser and will continue to cause more issues with your general browsing as time goes on. Microsoft have stopped actively supporting the browser except for some small security updates and will eventually completely remove support. If you are still using Internet Explorer it is vital that you upgrade to ensure a smooth and secure browsing experience in future, not just for Empire but for your general use of the internet.

I changed my browser, but I can’t find the game anymore! What do I do?

Don´t worry, your troops are safe! If you have changed the browser you are using for Empire, your bookmarks from the old browser are not automatically transferred and your simple method of connecting to the game might be lost at first. But you can easily find the game by visiting the website https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ and saving it as a bookmark (see the below question for more details on how to do this).

How do I set a browser bookmark?

Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox: 
⦁ Visit the website for which you intend to save a bookmark.
⦁ Click on the star icon on the right hand side of the URL bar (address box). 
⦁ Either use the pre-entered name or name your bookmark how you would like it to appear.
⦁ Decide where you would like to see your bookmark after saving it. The best location would be to save it in the Bookmarks Bar (Chrome/Firefox) or the Favourites Bar (Edge), so you will always see it on the top of your browser.

I already have a bookmark, do I need to update it?

Yes! Though you may already have a working bookmark we recommend you ensure it leads to https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ and no other URL (partner links excluded). Other URLs may result in issues with loading or accessing the game, so please make sure any saved bookmarks use the correct address. We recommend updating your current bookmark anyway, just to be on the safe side.


I see values displayed in-game, which seem to be incorrect, what can I do?

A good old refresh (F5 key on your keyboard) does the job in those cases and should solve this issue. If wrong values are still displayed and you think you are missing products or any other tools, items, etc., please contact support and report your loss.

How do I play Empire?

You can play Empire in the same way as usual, just visit https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ (you can bookmark this link too so it’s always easy to find) and login to your existing account or register a new one if you haven’t yet. Please do not use any other link to access the game as this may result in errors or inability to connect/play.

What about the standalone Flash player I used to use?

It’s true that in the past we gave advice on how to play the game using a standalone Flash player, which some have been using for a while now. Since HTML5 and Flash are not compatible technologies this will no longer be possible. If you have previously been using the Flash player, please stop attempting to connect via this app or any other URL than https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ as it will not work or allow you to play any longer.

Can I still access the Flash version?

You’d indeed be able to access the Flash version but only the Green Kingdom will be playable. All other content is now supported with HTML 5. 

What will happen with my account?

Nothing! That is, we won’t be making any changes to your account and you can still access the game with your old account and continue to play with that account in the HTML5 version. It couldn’t be easier!

Will my login details still work?

Your login details will still be valid and you can log in as usual. Please make sure to have your password available and register your email address by collecting the in-game welcome gift as this will ensure you are always able to change your password without our assistance if you need to do so.

What will happen to my game progress?

Your castle will remain in the pristine condition as you remember it (so long as you left it in a pristine condition!). Nothing will change here and progress will not be lost.

I forgot my password! How can I login again?

If you have forgotten your password and registered with an email address, you can easily retrieve a new password through the “Forgot password?” icon on the login page.Just click on it and a new box will appear asking for your registered email address. Type it in, click the green button and you will be sent an email with instructions on changing your password. Please also check your spam folder since sometimes our emails can get caught in there. If you didn't register with an email address, please contact our support with your correct username and a valid email address we can contact you on. You can find our support here

I don’t know my account login details! What can I do now?

If you can´t remember your login details, don´t panic! If you registered your account with an email address, you can retrieve your password through the “Forgot password?” button. The email you receive will also clearly display your username. You can also check other emails we have sent you, such as the email with the welcome gift for registering for the game. It is important that you recall your login details as our support team cannot help unless an account can be located, so please ensure you write your details down somewhere safe for your reference.

My account is blocked/banned! What can I do?

If your account has been blocked or banned, indicated by a message appearing stating as such when you attempt to login, you can contact our support department for more information and assistance by clicking here.

How do I shorten a link in order to post it in the ingame chat?

Link shortening services are very common, especially if you are a Twitter user for example. While a Google search will bring up a few results, the Empire team recommends using the bitly link shortener service. This allows you to paste links which are much, much shorter than the full length version and save space in the chat box or messages. You can get to Google link shortener by clicking here or typing ‘bitly.com’ into your browser. Then simply paste the link you want to shorten and click the ‘Shorten’ button to get a nice and compact version of your link to paste where you like.
Thank you for all your questions and for being so awesome!
Your Empire Community Team
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  • CM_NazhandielCM_Nazhandiel Community Manager Posts: 200

    Dear brave warriors,

    First of all, we’d like to thank all of you for all the comments, feedback and topics you brought up about the recent HTML5 launch. We deeply appreciate collaborating with such an active community and all your reports will help us to identify any issues with HTML5 and improve the state of the current version. We’ve been reading through all of your comments, listened very active to your concerns and gathered any information that helps us developing HTML5 further in order to care as much as possible about our beloved game.

    This being said, we’d also like to provide some further insights about the current state of HTML and topics we’re actively working on.

    Important: For the time being Flash will stay active until further notice and you can keep playing via the dedicated link (https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/flash/). In addition; probably with the next upcoming update; we also add a button to the game where you can switch between Flash & HTML5 at any given time. Should we decide to shut down Flash in the future, we’ll inform you in advance and provide enough time to get used to HTML5, as well as assure that the game runs smooth.

    In addition to the recently shared known issues, there are two major topics we’re looking into: Blurry assets & Game performance!

    Blurry assets

    During the beta in December and also after the initial launch of HTML5 we received a lot of feedback and information on this topic and we’re currently looking deeper into ways how to provide proper game assets to all players, equal what computer specifications you’re playing on.

    Game Performance

    Another big topic we’re currently working on are performance issues:

    • We’re looking into reports where players feel a laggy gameplay and checking on options to raise performance for players with this particular issue

    • Since HTML5 is quite hungry on CPU & memory, we’re also investigating and working ahead to improve performance and lower the usage of processing power and memory

    There are also some additional updates on some other topics, which were recently brought up:

    Bugs with HTML5

    • We recently shared a list of known issue and will work on those in order to get them fixed with the next upcoming updates

    • Should you encounter further issues with HTML5, feel free to report them via the forum or a dedicated support ticket

    Playing on mobile devices

    • With the related Flash link, mentioned above, you can still access the game via the Puffin browser

    • We’ll add basic gesture controls for HTML5 with the next update in order to properly zoom the map and navigate though the game

    • In addition, we’re also looking for alternative browsers, which fit best to play Goodgame Empire on mobile via HTML5

    We’ll keep you updated on future development and topic related to HTML5 and Goodgame Empire in general.

    Again, we’re very grateful to be surrounded by such an dedicated community and looking forward to develop HTML5 further with your cooperation.


    Your Goodgame Empire Team

  • CM_NazhandielCM_Nazhandiel Community Manager Posts: 200

    Brave warriors,

    We have another update on the current status of the Empire HTML5 Version for you:

    We’ve decided to keep on providing you with the dedicated link for our Flash version of the game (https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/flash/), at least until we have a more proper HTML5 version available. This means that there will be no switch button available in the game for now!

    We also want to inform you about what this means for our near future:
    Both HTML5 and Flash will be developed parallel to each other which means that our next updates will be playable in both versions of Empire!
    We are also going to optimize on the known issues and topics which we brought up lately and will also have a special focus on currently reported HTML5 performance issues, as well as on the reported blurry assets!

    In terms of partner sites, we’re also looking for ways to have a Flash option for our partners and we are still in contact with them about the implementation of the full-screen depiction of our game. Having said this, it is entirely up to the partner sites, whether they’ll make a full-screen depiction of the game available for you or not.

    We will also continue with future updates on the status of HTML5 in this thread and we also want to thank you so very much for your participation in the HTML5 feedback threads and your constant reports and feedback for that topic.

    Best regards,
    Your Empire Family
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367
    Brave Warriors,
    Our HTML 5 fixes are coming apace. We have worked on and deployed two fixes last week.  We improved the mouse cursor position calculation to make moving the cursor faster and smoother. We also improved the rendering speed of the castle which should improve the overall FPS count.

    Best Regards,

    Your Empire Family
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  • An updated FAQ has been published and can be found HERE!
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