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  • Of course I will flag this for abuse and I say to you once ''This is not ur business''.
    What you do in public is actually EVERYONE's business.  You may want to look up public in a dictionary.  If you want to smack talk that is fine.  Just remember, we are all judging you when you do.

    There is a big difference between posting battle reports and being infantile.
  • bucketofsquid ur getting sabo 100% after your post but don't start retaliating before being hit like some individuals.
    No sabo so far.  Must not have been on since.

  • Even when online 1 can't defend :(
  • amr5 (US1)amr5 (US1) US1 Posts: 204

    Even when online 1 can't defend :(
    nice one proud of u dont give up 

                                                                                                     عمرو الحديدى 

  • Even when online 1 can't defend :(
    nice one proud of u dont give up 

    Wasnt only 1 missing last time???
  • Deimos (US1)Deimos (US1) US1 Posts: 74
    kids shut up and lets play and put reports only i dont want headache on my thread 

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