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HTML 5 2020 Feedback



  • I agree with you,

    Flash Player is still working and the 2020 is not over yet, why they don't have patience with players who cannot play with html5 while they can play with Flash Player they are forcing players to switch to html5 which does not work well with them

    A lot of players who cannot play with html5 have paid a lot of money for rubies and they have done well. They are forcing them to retire from the game.

    They did not give us the option to choose to switch events to html5 while there are many players who cannot play with html5

    They know very well that a lot of players have trouble playing with html5. And switch events from Flash Player to html5 while they know it?

    At least they gave us the choice to play with Flash Player because Flash

  • jellis (NL1)jellis (NL1) NL1 Posts: 2
    HTML5- problems

    1) Beautiful white stripes that are staying a whole time, so you can't play gge normal
    2) a white beautiful screen, that stay still for 7 minutes and you can see a few orange stripes that must be your attacks to foreig invasion-targets, but they aren't moving
    3) crashing computer
    4) if you setup an attack, it could be that all your soldiers are gone to the same target, with multiple commanders, and you has sended 1 attack.
    5) If you send a scout to an npc-target that is near you (not even 5 difference) your scout can replace itself in 10 minutes if he wants it.
    6) Somethimes, if you want something (by clicking once) if clicks twice, automaticly, so if you're in your castle and want to your map, he will go to map and immediately goes back to your castle. 
    7) if you want sell equipment, he's that slow that he don't accept the sold. You can get an error- issue. But for no reason
    8) If you want replace you map (by holding your mouse and moving) it could be that you mouse is hanging for a few minutes time so, you could only move your map, and not typing/attacking,...

    I've played html5 on 13 different computers (all 64-bit) and 4 different systems (Linux, windows 7, 8 and windows 10) I've installed in all of them all web browsers that I know ( gogole chrom, internet explorer, chromium, firefox , Opera).
    And it's to slow.
    On flash, I can play perffectly on all the computers with even every web browser.  

    Don't know why I should play html5, cause it's terribel on every computer I've.
    Hope this problems would be fixed fast

  • elendil (NL1)elendil (NL1) NL1 Posts: 90
    Tried html again after resetting everything on my pc. cleaned all memories i could find cache etc.

    very slow on html and when i was making green armour purple at the smitty i had the crash again. maybe after 10 minutes??/
    so back to flash again. no more storm and berimond or horizon and outer realms?

    please inform us 2 weeks before you close ice, sand and fire for closing flash there so we can demolish our castle there by our self.

    beter is to fix storm and berimond for flash players till december.

    elendil @ nl 1
  • MaxMaxon (US1)MaxMaxon (US1) US1 Posts: 109
    edited 01.03.2020
    Totally agree with you SBD. If a company makes it frustrating and difficult to enjoy the gaming experience, then people go elsewhere. You would think that they (GGE) could grasp this simple concept. This applies in real life as well. Not too long ago I went to my bank and found out that they had a dumb rule in place. So what will I do in the near future? Take my business elsewhere. Simple. I know that I'm just one customer and that GGE, the bank, etc...don't care but if enough people do it, then they might do something. At least I will feel better about myself. This html5 is just one more reason to leave this game - but not easy when you built up a good group of pals here. 

    edit: without fail, every time and I mean every fricking time I go to outers I am dropped within 5 minutes. The game is becoming unplayable if it hasn't already
    Post edited by MaxMaxon (US1) on

    You want to know what is going on at support? Oh, yeah. Send an email to xyzxyz and then have them tell you an email address to ask for a phone number so you can get an address for international mail to Mars. Once Elon Musk finally lands on Mars they'll tell you where to go in the Andromeda Galaxy to ask extraterrestrial intelligence what GGE support is truly doing because nobody on Earth knows what they do. The logic here is that we can't ever know what they do because they don't do anything! - dliu3

  • iip76 (INT1)iip76 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 3
    Very laggy in HTML, especially if many movement on map.
    And game crashes after few hours of playing, regulary, no matter on what i play, crome, firefox, edge

    I really hope you change to flash version on all.
    In future it will be unplayiable, because i think game is getting worse and worse


    iip76 @ WWW 1
  • Lucia1 (INT1)Lucia1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 28
    html5 is a big fail of gge. It was supposed to make game better but opposite is truth. We all wish gge let us again play flash version and dont push on players to play this bad joke html5 thing.

    I could not even open game on some browsers and with not so great internet connection. Of course if you have great PC with great internet connection and you can choose what browser you use, then it will also work quite well but you should know many players have not so great conditions to play this game and also many players used to play game on mobile phones.

    Laggy, slow, blinking, crashes, unpredictable bugs in graphics when suddenly dont see anything just some white or green blinking things on monitor.

    Even if it works (as its supposed to work) graphics is not comparable with flash version. some details that we used to see and were helping us in game are not in html5 version - for exemple you dont see borders or nomad camps, khan camp, you dont see if its burning or not, you dont see your army hitting it cause it sudenly disapears, so hard to do trains of attacks. When sending many attacks, game become really very slow and upplayable. All graphics is blured and you even put those blinking effects to all movement arrows to make it even worse.

    I hope gge will listen for a once to opinions of players and will return to flash version and please dont send us questionnaires with questions that dont reflect any of real needs what should be done in game pretending you care about opinions of players. Thanks.
  • Contra (US1)Contra (US1) US1 Posts: 56
    For me Html5 is a bit glitchy on my windows laptop or iMac desktop.  Mostly the white fields thing.  But it works.  The bigger issue for me is not being able to use the puffin browser in my iPad.  This will really cut back on how much I play.   I won't bother with the pandemic inspired outers this time.  It may be a step by step pull back on my part.  no outers, no storm island, Berimond etc
    Contra @ usa 1
    "Therefore, we devised a different solution where we can control the process of player’s progression more easily to keep the motivation of players for a longer period and enjoy their gaming experience."   GGS regarding the Nov 2017 Update

    Translation: We are restricting player progress making it slower to achieve your goals, more frustrating and boring. We expect you to enjoy.

  • hagar62 (US1)hagar62 (US1) US1 Posts: 43
    HTML is a disaster as far as I am concerned     never understood what was wrong with Flash    not sure GGS did either
    hagar62 @ usa 1
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    HTML is a disaster as far as I am concerned     never understood what was wrong with Flash    not sure GGS did either
    Flash support is ending this year.  They DO NEED to get a stable version of this game onto HTML5.  They are doing a very poor job of it...…….
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • transistor (SKN1)transistor (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 32
    I'm logged out all the time, white fields across the host map, the game stops can't do anything
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    I don't know what they've been doing(besides all the unwanted revisions and general ignoring of player's wants/needs) for the last year or so since the initial HTML introduction of this game, but it sure hasn't been working on getting a smooth, good looking and stable html version of this game.  Play flash as much as possible.
  • Please discuss and raise topics related to HTML 5 here

     i want flash game 
    back right now
    html is shit
  • Domlin (US1)Domlin (US1) US1 Posts: 148
    So what is the point in moving other lands to html and leaving green? Either you are confident in it or not.
    Domlin @ usa 1
  • Lady Iris (US1)Lady Iris (US1) US1 Posts: 59
    OK...To date I have noticed that you cannot copy and paste anything in HTML.
    That's a huge problem when you keep tutorials close at hand to MM to new members.
    ALSO, I noticed today..those weekly Rank Rewards that you send out...uncollectable on HTML5.
    I had to switch back to Flash to even see the prize/reward amount, let alone collect it.
    I noticed that there was a problem before, but just deleted them not realizing it was linked to HTML.
    Not that the rank rewards are huge coin for the average player, BUT...it's still flawed...
    If you are going to make this garbage permanent..at least make it semi workable.
    Another Huge problem..filling in the weapons when setting up attacks..SUPER BLURRY!

    The more events you add to this HTML server, the more lag I see too.
    Let's get with it people....for what you guys are charging for everything now,
    you should be able to afford a decent programmer.
    You can't just patch it, this thing needs a complete overhaul...
     or you are going to crash and burn come December when that's all there is.
    You'll wind up with little to nothing...and by then, none of us putting up with this garbage will care.
    Be Yourself ~ Everyone Else Is Already Taken!
  • Tony C (INT1)Tony C (INT1) INT1 Posts: 91
    Well I know many here are complaining about HTML5. I can only speak about my own experience. Actually it's mostly OK for me. I have a mid range PC only, but good internet speed. The only problems I've had are minor graphics glicthes, like the graphic/banner showing someone's castle name permanently superimposed on top of whatever I am looking at in the game - a refresh/reload fixes it temporarily. Doesn't stop me playing the game though. Would also be nice to be able to right click and copy, instead of having to use CTRL-C.

    For those of you saying they need to bring flash back - it's not going to happen. Flash is being discontinued by Adobe so it means there will be no further updates or security fixes once it's sunsetted. Other companies are doing the same (moving away from flash). So you need to get used to the idea flash is going away and won't be coming back...
    As GGS said in the post, let's hope they can use the manpower freed up by not supporting flash, to fix the bugs some of you are still having with HTML5.
    Tony C @ WWW 1
  • must be a German thing seem to be only server not complaining
  • Nicola94 (GB1)Nicola94 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 505
    HTML5 just continues to crash for me, over and over in a short amount of time.

    I do play on my phone too, via puffin browser, has anything been sorted to play on phone still, surely this needs as much 'testing' as your apparently doing with html5 for pcs.

    Nicola94 @en1

    Level 70 Legendary Level 317

    Galactic Empire

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  • HTML5 just continues to crash for me, over and over in a short amount of time.

    I do play on my phone too, via puffin browser, has anything been sorted to play on phone still, surely this needs as much 'testing' as your apparently doing with html5 for pcs.
    The game was meant for PC use only, the mobile version that was made is E4K. Puffin was just a way people found to play the game on mobile, it wasnt built to play GGE. I have managed to get the game working, HTML, on Puffin on my phone. You need a good modern phone for this to work, my phone has good hardware and therefore can run it.
  • Howling73 (US1)Howling73 (US1) US1 Posts: 50
    kind of fitting after 3 years of development, the html5 version still draws a piece of toilet paper across my screen - http://prntscr.com/recxc8

    i truly can't see how this is a ready for production replacement of the flash version, but i guess gge is confident a slow, buggy game won't drive away those that are still left.
  • Domlin (US1)Domlin (US1) US1 Posts: 148
    I downloaded Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 and it is a definite improvement over Google Chrome. Not sure if I have the chromium plugin, I downloaded Edge directly from Microsoft and didn't use the link in the FAQ.
    Domlin @ usa 1
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