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It's time for HTML 5

As you know, Flash will no longer be supported by Adobe in 2020. This has obliged us to develop a HTML5 version of Goodgame Empire. Our dedicated game developers have been working hard over the last few weeks and months to make this switch as seamless as possible.

We’ve made lots of improvements and here is just a short list of the most important tweaks we’ve made recently:

  • The sharpness of our images in the game has been improved
  • Game performance on the World Map has been improved
  • Smoother and faster cursor performance

Today we will switch all players of Empire to the HTML5 version of the game when they next log on. Don’t worry, if you really still want to play the Flash version, the switch button will still be available in the game.

We hope you have a great day of gaming!

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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,353

    The Traveler's Guide to Flexit

    Dear Lords and Ladies, 

    As most of you might know by now, HTML5 will be the main technology that not only our game- but all browser games will have to rely on in the foreseeable future. Why are we talking about this? Well, with one of the most recent browser updates, your browser - in our example the Google Chrome Browser - will block Flash by default. This means that you're required to perform a manual configuration of your browser between browser restarts. 

    We, of course, are prepared for this and will provide you with a guide on how you'd still be able to play our game in Flash

    The Flexit - Step by step guide:

    As you can see on the left side (in the screenshot) you'll be greeted by this dialogue screen with our humble Herald Lumbricus and the option to either choose "PLAY" in order to play the game on HTML5 or "PLAY IN ADOBE FLASH" (highlighted by the first red rectangle). 

    If you indeed decide to play the game in Flash, then you'd have to follow through with steps 1 to 4 which will be shown to you on the left-hand side of this post  (highlighted in the screenshot.)

    So the first thing that you'd have to do would be to click on the puzzle-piece icon which you will be able to find in the top right corner of your screen, right next to the address bar (it's highlighted in step "1." with a red circle). 

    Clicking on this puzzle-piece icon will open a dialogue which tells you that "Flash was blocked on this page". As shown in the screenshot (with a red rectangle), you'd now have to click on the "MANAGE" icon. 

    Now steps "2." will commence. 
    After clicking on the "MANAGE" icon, you'll be greeted by your browser settings. There you would have to switch the slider (highlighted by red circle) from off to on (will turn blue once it's on) as shown in the screenshot under step 2. 

    You've done that correctly? Great job! Now onto step "3.". 

    Close your settings as shown in the screenshot to your left and go back to Lumbricus and the dialogue which shows you "PLAY IN ADOBE FLASH". 

    Almost done, only step "4." is left. 

    Now you just have to click on "PLAY IN ADOBE FLASH" and after that, the last message will pop up telling you that empire.goodgamestudios.com wants to "Run Flash". Simply click on "ALLOW" and voila: You completed all necessary steps for playing our game in Flash! 

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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,353
    Brave Warriors,
    As you are hopefully aware Flash will no longer be supported by its developer Adobe from the 31st of December 2020. We have been slowly migrating our services to HTML 5 the new industry wide standard over the course of 2019 to be prepared for this change. For most of you this won't mean very much and you will not see a change at all. While Goodgames: Empire will still be with a Flash version through 2020 we are now changing our event servers to only support HTML5. From this date onwards Beyond the Horizon and Outer Realms will only be available in HTML5.

    If you experience any problems with HTML 5 or have any feedback and comments please make sure to inform us in the HTML5 2020 feedback thread.


    Your Empire Family
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,353

    Following on from our statement in January about the state of Flash and our continuing moves towards providing a HTML 5 only service we have some more information to share. First of all we would like to remind you that by the end of the year Flash will no longer be supported by its own developer Adobe which is forcing any applications using it to move to an alternative solution. We are moving Empire to HTML 5.

    Secondly we will be fully rolling out HTML 5 throughout this quarter and the next. We expect to be finished developing and providing the game in Flash by the end of the second quarter of 2020 at the latest. To facilitate a smooth transition we will roll out our events and some game features in HTML 5 only between now and the end of Q2. You will already have seen the first step of this with Outer Realms and Beyond the Horizon. Blade Coast, Battle for Berimond and Storm Islands will only be available in HTML 5 from or possibly during the next run of the event and the additional kingdoms (Everwinter Glacier, Burning Sands and Fire Peaks) will soon also only be available via HTML 5.

    Finally we would like to reiterate that we are doing this to improve the quality of the game that you enjoy playing so much. We will be endeavouring to optimise the HTML 5 version for play on mobile devices. HTML 5 is the new industry standard. To make sure that you can enjoy our game at the highest possible quality we ask that you update your browser to the latest iteration.

    Kind Regards,

    Your Empire Family

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  • okey dookey thats epic I play on html 5 bois epic
  • sir-haba (SKN1)sir-haba (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 316
    that equipment storage is really slow in html5, with flash player it works fine. 

    another big problem is that those world maps, html5 is just too slow for looking something from the map.

  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,353
    Lords and Ladies,
    From today the Blade Coast, Battle for Berimond and Storm Islands will only be available in HTML 5 . To access these events you will be prompted to switch to HTML 5. If you are experiencing difficulties with HTML 5 we suggest that you use the following site to test your browsers compatibility: https://html5test.com/

    We suggest switching to Edge Chromium in the case that your browser is underperforming with HTML 5.


    Your Empire Family
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  • elendil (NL1)elendil (NL1) NL1 Posts: 82
    nice events but more busy with reloading html then playing a game. 
    endef top 1000 most of time and no problem with some money on those events but now i just sumply can not play them anymore.
    elendil @ nl 1
  • fierdragon (GB1)fierdragon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 184
    Causing issues for players this cant be good for GGE
  • solveig (SKN1)solveig (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 25
    I really don't have patience for this (HTLM 5) it's like trying to skate in glue.
    It's very long time since GGE first talked about switching to HTLM 5, I don't know much about that kind of things, maybe that's why I don't understand why, after so long time, it's not working any better, or GGE hasn't found an other solution.
    Come on GGE do something, and soon, or you will loose a lot of players
    solveig @ skn 1
  • KatieLMG (AU1)KatieLMG (AU1) AU1 Posts: 8
    Is GGE going to reimburse us for lost rubies from accidental ruby spends as a result of the glue from HTML5.

    What a joke it is to force us to use an error piece of gluey poop.
    KatieLMG @ au 1
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    GGE incompetence strikes again.  Green map of worthlessness in the OR and flashing white intro map and crosstalk if you you have main and OR open if you accidentally close one and attempt to re-open.

    Advice to GGE:  Hire competent programmers who are willing to work and tell the morons who keep deciding to release stuff that isn't ready to shove it where the sun don't shine until the stuff is ready.  The players are customers, not BETA(or Alpha)Testers.  There's this thing called the TEST SERVER where people are willing to be BETA testers.  And Guess what?  No HTML requirement there.  To run it or to go to storm.  GGE get a clue, start listening to me and doing what I tell you to.  Once you do, your sales will go up in both value and volume and the buyers will be happy instead of holding their noses while feeding their addiction.
  • Brickstin (US1)Brickstin (US1) US1 Posts: 74
    edited 21.02.2020
    HTML5 Memory Leak Problem!: The amount of memory needed just to run this game is 20-40% more in consumption compared to flash. This is causing considerable slow response time in the game play. Please this needs to be addressed, quite a few users these days still have older units and cannot afford new laptops or computers as of yet.
    I am now being forced to use HTML5 Just to use "STORM ISLANDS"
    I wish developers would listen to their customers, I feel bad for those whom have paid money into a game they love and wish to support only to see it changing from better to worse..
    This is pushing me to leave Empires more and more.. I have friends here! ... This is more then just a gaming community, I have memories in this game.. I have family here..
    GoodgameStudios: Please fix these issues, the game is becoming more unplayable then ever. 
    We need an option in the menu that allows players to USE less resources somehow; Less memory, less CPU Power.. Many other web games that use HTML5 have this option, why are you the only guys who have not followed the market and kept backwards compatibility for others? Every single player counts, please include the minority groups. 
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  • Premier (INT1)Premier (INT1) INT1 Posts: 10
    This is terrible, I'm from the spilgames server and the HTML5 version is practically impossible to play, the game just crashes. I made an account on the official website to compare, it is slower than the flash, but it still works well. HTML5 does not work on spilgames. I don't want to lose my account to which I dedicated years. Make HTML5 lighter
  • Flash Player is still working and the 2020 is not over yet, why don't you have patience with players who cannot play with html5 while they can play with Flash Player You are forced players to switch to html5 which does not work well with them

    A lot of players who cannot play with html5 have paid a lot of money for rubies and they have done well. You're forcing them to retire from the game.

    Because you did not give us the option to choose you to switch events to html5 while there are many players who cannot play with html5

    You know very well that a lot of players have trouble playing with html5. Why do you switch events from Flash Player to html5?

    At least they gave us the choice to play with Flash Player because Flash Player is still working fine and the 2020 is not over

    Show some appreciation and patience for players who can't play with html5

  • TK07 (SKN1)TK07 (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 25
    I score 492 of 550 in the HTML5 test, so should be okay, but it is very very slow and crashes often when I move between worlds or add improvements at food buildings.
    To set up an attack can take 10 times longer compared to Flash.

    HTML5 sucks in GGE.
  • Alderic (NL1)Alderic (NL1) NL1 Posts: 17
    well, still problems with html5; armies and/or trade leaves behind white nothingness om the map; map stalls and you cannot do anything about it but refresh. But these problems are not new but after all this time none are solved it seems. And now events also only available by this o so good os. pffff.

    Alderic @ nl 1
  • Alderic (NL1)Alderic (NL1) NL1 Posts: 17
    and yes, i use chrome
    Alderic @ nl 1
  • TK07 (SKN1)TK07 (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 25
    I score 492 of 550 in the HTML5 test, so should be okay, but it is very very slow and crashes often when I move between worlds or add improvements at food buildings.
    To set up an attack can take 10 times longer compared to Flash.

    HTML5 sucks in GGE.
    Still testing HTML5, I have never heard my fans in tower so noisy like now, sounds like they fight hard to keep temp. low at tower. Not even CS:GO for hours can do that to my PC.
  • over 70 logins with html5 today, i simply cannot play this  game anymore as with flash please do something.

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