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Game is inconsistant and randomly decides if you can do anything.

At first I thought this game was all right. But...
This morning logging in. The "system" decided that I could not perform espionage on a robber baron with only 5 guards. Furthermore, I got wiped by 12 macemen and even less swordsmen on a robber baron. Having the proper siege and defense tools, as well as the right attack setup, etc..
Also, I had over 200 honor taken away for no reason. Every opponent I attacked was honorable.
It should not take over 1 hour to heal 1 soldier. Let alone however many troops you have. Now your talking days to heal just a few soldiers. Buying rubies will allow you to heal troops much faster.
However. one should not have to spend real money all the time, with every attack.

Bottom line: Don't waste your money on this game! Inconsistent, randomly takes things you've earned, and unstable.


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