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Why has the seasonal rewards become worse?

Hi, I've come back to the game after around a year, and I suddenly noticed that the seasonal events alongside nomads etc has become worse. 

I recall the seasonal event having 8 pages, with many troops. Now it is only 3 pages, with much lower amounts of troops. Was there a reason for this?



  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) Posts: 2,226ASIA1

    The new changes are for balance - as you're probably aware, level 10s could gain 1000s of troops within hours.

    The change has also effected level 50s as well in a different way - we now receive tokens (similar to samurai and nomad shops) and can buy our own rewards at our own pace (most rewards have limits on how many 'packs' you can buy).

    But for example, every 7 days (when the shop resets) we can buy 19,000 booster tools total, and around 20,000 PvP tools - plus buy older equipment sets. In the grand scheme it's quite boring seeing tokens pop up, but it's very fun watching how much stuff you can buy.

    It's quite a good change - some of the player base disagree and argue it's less entertaining receiving tokens instead of direct rewards - which I disagree with as I'd like to pick and choose what I get rather than gain more useless items lol.

    300 tokens = about 600 shield walls.

    But you earn ~10k for getting to 1300 points, it just resets your rewards like the old days too.

    Hope that clears up most things for you :)
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