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Beyond the Horrizon... More like Beyond Annoyed.



  • reblousou (GB1)reblousou (GB1) GB1 Posts: 150
    edited 08.11.2019
    just posted the "compensation" in the german forum. now waiting for the storm ..

    still looking for our CM. he's on but no comment still on the issue.
    please feel free to pass on my thoughts to our fellow players, I can only imagine what was invested by DE1 
    and i'm sure we'd all be very interested to hear the thoughts from DE1 regarding this "compensation"
    Leader of The Wanderers
  • sir homey (US1)sir homey (US1) US1 Posts: 10
    no matter what server your on 
    or what alliance your in 
    or if ya buy rubys or not 

    we all have one thing in common                   goodgame empire 

    We the people of the game wish to file a complaint with you !!!!!!  goodgame empire management
    The game is losing hundreds of players because of so many problems with the game connectivity and running very poorly, despite all our efforts to try to communicate with you .......you have once again failed the people on the game servers across the world 

    plz stop the pop ups BOMBS  yall keep dropping on us   and the specials running up and down in the middle of the screen of game play is interfering with game play big time !!!!!

    if you agree with this message  lets start adding names to a list to let gge see how many people feel like i do about the important issues

    So come one come all from any and all servers to chime in on this and be heard .................HOPEFULLY BE HEARD
  • First of all I would like to thank our players for being patient and giving your Moderators and Community Managers some time to discuss with the Studio the issues that were raised in this thread. Everyone at Goodgame Studios is very aware of what was raised and will keep this foremost in their thoughts when it comes to our latest event: Beyond the Horizon. 

    Secondly I would like to address the fact that there were some issues with the event, we acknowledge that. We would also like to acknowledge the trojan efforts of our Quality Assurance Staff, our Developers and our Customer Support Agents in dealing with these problems as quickly as they could, for handling the contact with our players and fixing what  was possible to fix. We are committed to improving the event for all players and will maintain our efforts to bring you a fantastic, fun and exciting event in Beyond the Horizon. The issues that caused problems in the first event have now been fixed and will not hinder your enjoyment of future runs.

    Finally as an acknowledgement of those players here who invested in our initial run of Beyond the Horizon we have created a gift package that we sincerely hope addresses your experiences during the initial event. Community Management has worked hard to have this gift delivered to you as soon as was possible. The next Beyond the Horizon event will begin on the 14th of November. Players who have begun to play in the event by the 15th of November will automatically receive a booster package. This consists of:

    • 80k Coins

    • 50k Wood

    • 50k Stone

    • 50k Food

    • 20x 1h Skips

    • 5x 5h Skips

    Once again we would like to thank you for your patience and we apologise for the bumpy start to our previous Beyond the Horizons event.

    You've GOT to be KIDDING me. Is this GGS's way of spitting in their customers face? Let's talk seriously now. This is NOT a COMPENSATION but a PLEA for you to get more of us spending AGAIN! I can tell you for a fact that I'm DONE spending and supporting GGS until there is a REAL COMPENSATION! I will encourage everyone to join me that I talk to, to also stop supporting GGS. This has NO DIRECT connection of a compensation for those who went to the event or TRIED to go to the event.

    the hashtag of #MASSCHARGEBACKS was a message the community was sending to GGS. Clearly they never listened. I'd like to know if 25% of the community does a mass charge back what are the REAL complications of that? say 225 thousand CUSTOMERS do a mass charge back, hmm don't you think the investigation will take a lengthy amount of time. Don't you think it will look BAD for the shareholders? 

    We, the customers, have been cheated by GGS. This is NOT a compensation but rather a bottle of alcohol being poured onto the wounds. If GGS wanted to do a REAL compensation they would have done 2 compensation packages. The 1st package would have been a blanket package for the log in issues and the 2nd package would have been for everyone who spent money on the event. 

    I have submitted my support ticket and I'm waiting for my reply from support. I will reiterate what I said before, STOP SUPPORTING GGS...... STOP BUYING RUBIES! At the end of the day (week) GGS has shown everyone that they DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU! (the customer/player)

    This will be the END of what little life GGS still had in GGE.

  • reblousou (GB1)reblousou (GB1) GB1 Posts: 150
    you've got my vote 
    Leader of The Wanderers
  • hionmentho (US1)hionmentho (US1) US1 Posts: 291
    The nice thing is if everyone charges back, GGE could lose their processing. 
  • The nice thing is if everyone charges back, GGE could lose their processing. 
    IF 25% of the customers do a charge back it would HURT GGE so bad that the company could face more issues. We all know that doing a charge back will lead to your account being suspended while GGE does an investigation of why you did a charge back. BUT when over 100,000 charge backs all happen in less than 24 hrs. We're talking about shutting the game down! How long will it take to do an investigation? How many lawyers will be needed. How much FUNDS will be leaving GGE's bank account and going into LIMBO until the investigation is completed. AND what will the shareholders/investors think about the company when they have to inform them of a MASSIVE investigation happening on their product. Plus an audit would surely be coming just around the corner as well.

  • kev21 (GB1)kev21 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 53
    my vote too thought pop ups were being dealt with, its got worse
    kev21 @ en 1
  • did you really expect something useful. its friday its shafting day and in polite terms youve been told to f.. better say 'jog on'
  • joh (US1)joh (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    wow -this is some real customer appreciation you have right here.
    Keep a known broken event running with adds to sell rubies and rake in the cash -laugh behind the scenes while some continue to fall for the scam you are running and give false compensation promises when things get blasted out in the open about the way your business is being conducted. 
    Then Spit in our faces-Your customer base w such a nitwit idea of compensation -
    We ASKED you to take the game down as it was NOT running as Promoted(fraud) you refused- we then asked for decent compensation for those of us who played in good faith -we got Neither of these things.  
    I am a splurger -not big spender-but I do splurge and buy in -but you'll not see another dime from me. 
    I am not a lab rat
    I am not a sheep
    I don't give my hard earned money to a fraudulent company - I do believe I will now need to look up the laws and see about how to file a complaint. 

    joh @ usa 1
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    I posted the below on the "Official" Update Thread, but since it seems @Crom Cruach pays more attention to this one, I will repost it here as well:

    And to think, at first I thought they gave everyone the 600-1000 prize (They didn't), then I thought they gave everyone that Blue Box yesterday for THIS reason (They didn't).  Shame on us, for thinking any different outcome was possible.  

    Hate to say it, but maybe it IS time for the people to pick up their wallets, devices, phones, and what ever other items are needed to follow through on their monetary options.  

    Real revolutions mean making sacrifices.  While I don't spend, and therefore have no monetary options, I will stand with those who do.....

    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • Nikki5853 (US1)Nikki5853 (US1) US1 Posts: 94
    ggs gambling that not enough peeps will follow thru with chargebacks, knowing acct would face suspension if so. have seen it before through the years, players trying to make a stand in some fashion and everyone says "onboard" until the time comes, then its..nah. just make your decisions carefully.
    Nikki5853 @ usa 1
  • cheza2000 (GB1)cheza2000 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 270
    UK1 once organised a full ruby boycott which was effective.  it is the only time that I have been happy with how GGS resolved a server wide issue.
    cheza2000 @ en 1
  • Wanheda (US1)Wanheda (US1) US1 Posts: 89
    im in
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    I think a worldwide NOT buying rubies is being contemplated.  Just a guess.  Since I've been boycotting buying for years now(since I was lvl20 something) due to poor customer service/appreciation, value and poor game quality(too many bugs then for me and it's only gotten worse) not buying rubies through say jan31 will be a snap for me.  Why Jan31?  Got to pay them Thanksgiving(US)/Christmas/New Years/Holiday bills.  For the heavy buyers, just think of all the extra cash you'll have for alcohol/chocolate/heartburn medicine/gifts for yourself(that don't involve GGE).  

    There are two kinds of investment into this game by the players:  Time and Money.  How much of each is player dependent.  I saw it was a messed up broken event(between the event and the forums) and as such didn't invest much time since I figured they would shut it down on monday.  After that I only checked in there out of curiosity to see what reactions people I know on various servers had.

    That compensation package is such an insult that it's clear that either GGE KNOWS people will pissed but still spend the same amount as before from past experiences and therefore doesn't give a shit, GGE is so delusional that saying they're out of touch has no meaning because reality is only theoretical or Empire is a paid psychological study that GGS is getting paid to run.
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    IN, and will add broken events and game balance.
  • bummer (NL1)bummer (NL1) NL1 Posts: 664
    for BIG EARS for players wishes,
    better connectivity,
    better game stability
    and much less lag caused by multi adds jumping on you regardless what you are doing,
    better game balance between high pay-lowpay-no pay,
    pay means you get quicker and should not mean you get more and better,
    NO adds in the way they are disturbing normal game-play,
    MUCH MORE bug hunting
    and better game testing before release,
    Prepare a way of compensation in case of a failing release,
    roll back and break off faing release/update
    Equal payment methods on all servers and all platforms.

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