Have the allies become more event-playing?

Most of allies don’t leave attacking others with no permission ( u never get permission for PvP and if u attack u get out ) and so forth allies has become more event - playing as I think ! But u just grow over and over get troops a lot and when time comes u don’t use them ( cuz events requires only some of ur troops but u usually win 2X more ) . I don’t think this is good . I have mentioned in the other question that PvP is dead. I don’t like it . I think GGE has become a farm game more than a war game. Why do u guys think ? Let me know in comments below :)


  • its no differnt than a player who is 100k behind you in points, but can drop cash and be 200k ahead in half an hour. this is just like real life, you got money, you can win.no need to play, just buy your way to the top. this game has become geared for those with money, not those who just want to play. so with no money, you will never win anything in the top.. i quit buying rubies for that reason. i want a fair game play, not buy and win..
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    There is no question that MANY Alliances are "Event Only".  They proudly display this in their descriptions.  GGE can be played many different ways.  But, it is clear that GGS has moved this to more of an Event Based game.  The regular rotation Events bring them a consistent cash flow.  Server Wars used to be their "bonus money" on top of that.  But, with these becoming smaller and less often, they now use the Outer Realms / BtH type Events as their "bonus money".  

    So, GGE will continue to become more and more Event Based.  It is much easier, cheaper, and safer to hit a Event than it is to hit a Player.  They won't even hit you back unless you "ask" them to...….
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    Definitely and i don't like it. These types of descriptions that @Wasso (INT3) mentioned are what pisses me off the most.

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

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