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Beyond the Horizon - Feedback



  • sarah1 (INT2)sarah1 (INT2) INT2 Posts: 123
    Will rubies purchased in Beyond the Horizon transfer back to main at the end of the event?
    I would also like to know this

    @Crom Cruach would you have any light you can shed on this matter?
    crom has said yesterdya it will be transfered same as in outer.
    sarah1 @ 7
  • Fordy (AU1)Fordy (AU1) AU1 Posts: 264
    Lost troops again..lol  

    Also if you try to support your capital its great you can leave your defenders for 3 days but that also takes away a commander for that long and the travel time is mad...
    You need to tweak the defence system so its quicker for players to support and so it doesnt take away 1 of only 3 (to start with) comms...
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    This event:  The stillborn demonchild of Scrooge and Caligula.
  • planeta - (PT1)planeta - (PT1) PT1 Posts: 90
    The event is just like outer realms, but worse. The difference of rewards from top 5 to top 10 alliances is just so crazy. This starting from lvl 11 thing is so boring , they should just stick to normal servers or atleast bring up something better thought., But hey, it's making money, that's what matters.
  • So unfair :((
    Why all the servers again together?
    How a small server can stand the big whales of the strong servers?
    GGE is only cares how to gain more money but i think they can do better and try to give a chance also to non ruby players
    IF this event was among the players in 1 server  it would be so good . It would be so interesting to have a real fight like old good times
    now you ruined one more time the game
    so disappointed
  • Vanish (INT2)Vanish (INT2) INT2 Posts: 101
    This event is stupid.
  • 24 hours in, and it's definitely clear this is less Horizon Event and more Event Horizon

    I agree. Black holes are all over the place.
    Marty Maurder @ en 1
  • Any event there needs to be some element of competition - and something to encourage participation of players at all levels. my experience thus far is theres no competition - its a buy your rewards auction for the top 5 spots and after that there are some crumbs left over which from a practical point of view are worthless.  outside one or two teams ive seen nothing of participation and those that did seem to have packed up and gone home. easier and cheaper to stick to main game and the money you would have spent playing the event horizon - spend it in main game to buy direct.
  • Mammaconda (SKN1)Mammaconda (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 13
    I wont play beyond the horizon ever again, nor will my allymembers unless everybody who joins get rewards and it is possible to gain some ok rewards by hard work. The only way to get any reward from playing beyond the horizon is by buying rubies, no matter how hard you work, and clever you play - you will get nothing unless you spend money. In outers it was possible to get a decent reward by hard work and/or intelligent play.
    I hope next time beyond the horizon is boycotted, and leave it to players with only skills are spending money.
    Mammaconda @ skn 1
  • Why our alliance can't take a free capital; there is no possibility to do so?. We have allready few citystates, but to where that influence goes after that 8 hours time?
    There has been such an influx of players to the event right at the start that the map was too densely packed for the Capitals to spawn. We have put in place a fix for this and now you should have had your capital spawn at the closest available space. 
    more fake news from the crom
    this is the biggest pile of bull------  cockups goodgame have ever come up with

    time to start telling the truth  and say it as it is   


    LV 70 @ en 1
  • LadyWolfe (US1)LadyWolfe (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    Two words...

    Epic Fail
    LadyWolfe @ usa 1.
    Proud member of MISC: United
    Survivor of 2 Server Wars

  • Contra (US1)Contra (US1) US1 Posts: 48
    An event so full of bugs where do I begin.  I sent in 4 tickets the first 2 days.  Another; fix nothing, do nothing, no compensation, but keep the money event by Good Game Studios.
    Fraud through incompetence.  
    Contra @ usa 1
    "Therefore, we devised a different solution where we can control the process of player’s progression more easily to keep the motivation of players for a longer period and enjoy their gaming experience."   GGS regarding the Nov 2017 Update

    Translation: We are restricting player progress making it slower to achieve your goals, more frustrating and boring. We expect you to enjoy.

  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,051
    Still not all allainces have capitals still not a fair competition still want a refund.

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • XiCool (SKN1)XiCool (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 1
    I joined beyond the horizon just to discover that there is 0 chance of getting a reward without buying rubies. How stupid is that? How many will join the next time? 6 k allies with nothing in reward this time...
    If the managers of GG had hired 1000 people to ruin the game completely, they couldnt have done a better job.
  • So unlike many of the people on this forum, I've actually been enjoying the event thus far, (except the bugs and lag) and no one from my alliance has bought rubies. It's forced us to come up with innovative strategies, and we've been ranked top 500 after points update every day. I'd like to see coin output from towers at least doubled, but other than that I like the event thus far. The problem I'm having now is that with a week left, there are no city states within about 85 miles of me, which takes like 6 hours to travel with coin horses, so I'm basically locked out of a big part of the event. If you want to encourage fighting, city states really need to refresh after about 72 hours or something, so there are always at least some nearby to fight over. Most alliances don't have that much influence in their capitals, so that's not really encouraging people to go after them, and the ones that do are too powerful to be taken on for even an alliance like ours that is doing really well.
  • planeta - (PT1)planeta - (PT1) PT1 Posts: 90
    First place alliance gets enough materials to make MAX LEVEL STORAGE ITEMS FOR EVERY SINGLE CASTLE AND EVEN MORE. 5th place for example gets only for what? like 1 level 4-5 item. The rewards system is completely broken and whoever came up with this is actualy crazy and didn't do the math. Actualy crazy how unbalanced this is.
  • RDTee1 (US1)RDTee1 (US1) US1 Posts: 5
    to get coin cap a city state and sell deco. worked for me. but prob wont next time, now that I said it.

  • Tony C (INT1)Tony C (INT1) INT1 Posts: 74
    I rarely post on the forums, but I need to this time. You talk about balance in the game but this is yet another example or how the big ruby buyers get a huge advantage compared to non-ruby players.
    I don't mind ruby players get some advantages but the gap is just too big in the game in general, and even worse in this event. The ruby buyers just buy huge troops and skips and the non-ruby players have no way of competing even with grinding.
    It seems just another cynical way of getting players to buy rubies.
    Please do something about this unbalance. Yes you need ruby players because of the income they give you, but you need non-ruby players too to make the game environment more diverse and with more players involved. All that is happening is you are driving the non-ruby players away from this game.
    Just look at the current tables, there is a huge gap between the top alliances and the rest. And with no rewards at all for finishing outside the top 1000, most players are not going to bother with this event next time unless you balance it better. The top alliances only will just continue to get the rewards and make the gap even bigger.
    Tony C @ WWW 1
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,360
    If you want to encourage fighting, city states really need to refresh after about 72 hours or something, so there are always at least some nearby to fight over. Most alliances don't have that much influence in their capitals, so that's not really encouraging people to go after them, and the ones that do are too powerful to be taken on for even an alliance like ours that is doing really well.
    Well the number of City States will reduce over time, maybe we set this at too high a rate for this event. We will keep that in mind for the next one. The event does want to encourage PvP at some point (maybe AvA is a better term). That will only be done if the number of City States is reducing.

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  • Is it possible to change the control of the capital or even drop the capital and have a different player capture one.
    One of our junior players jumped in and is hardly online, so it is a total waste of time for other alliance players to even consider playing this event.

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