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Relic Commanders

Hello Everyone;
     Which is best for gaming and which is best for PvP? I'm wondering about the differance in a relic castle lord commander and a relic glory invasion targets commander?


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,051
    the difference between a pvp one and a glory invasion one is you swap out the hero, for an npc one you want high ranged etc. ofc

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  • Thank You very much!!  Maybe someone out there has a clue as to what you just said!!!
  • the difference is as herv said you just swap the hero (the dude with the head) and if your keen gems on the com to suit glory, enemy lords/npc/berimond etc

  • Is there any type of guide out there for us to get or read so we can understand more about the relic castellans and commanders,in English for us that don't understand alot of this talk. Two players have tried to help me and I'm more comfused now than when I first asked the questions!!!
    Is the relic castle lord commander good for PvP or gaming?
    Is the relic glory invasion commander good for PvP or gaming?
  • kookiekooks (US1)kookiekooks (US1) US1 Posts: 259
    edited 21.09.2019
    First  there are Relic commanders good for PvP and for events The same with castellanss.  No different then with Unique commanders and castellans.

    Looking at the relic equipment for a commander.  The helmet, the chestplate (armor) and artifact all have three attributes.  None of the attributes are PvP or event specific.  Ignoring the first in each case those 3 pieces of relic equipment will give you an attack speed of 73-76%, a Wall strength reduction of 113-116% . a gate strength reduction of 113-116% and a moat strength reduction of 74-76% regardless of the target being being RPC or a NPC.  The weapon the last two attributes is for strength of melee and range troops.  I have not calculated the range but just looking I believe they range from 83-86% for both range and melee.  Again not specific for purpose.  

    The first attribute adds some to one of the above attributes.  In addition the artifact has three attributes that may add to those listed above or deal with with items like loot.  Again none of these are specific to PVP or Events.  

    This leaves the Hero and Gems.  They are the items that determine if a specific commander (in this case) or a castellan is better suited to PVP or Events (and maybe specific event)

    My suggestion is build a relic commander with the 5 pieces of equipment and do not place gems on it, then look at the attributes totals.  Write them down.  Change the hero to a different one and write the attributes down, Do that 4-5 times and look.  You will see what other have been telling you.  

    Because of the cost of installing and removing gems I do not suggest doing that with gems but it works similar to the Hero.

    If anyone tells you to take equipment by a specific name without seeing your individual pieces they are wrong.  It will not give you the same percentages of improvements or maybe not even the same attributes.  You must spend some time and fit your equipment to your needs.
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  • Which is the relic castle lord commander best  for PvP or gaming?
    Which  the relic glory invasion commander best for for PvP or gaming?
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    edited 22.09.2019
    Which is the relic castle lord commander best  for PvP or gaming?
    Which  the relic glory invasion commander best for for PvP or gaming?
    "Castle Lord" in GGE terms has long meant BOTH Players and Foreign Invasion Targets.  (Because of the original intent of them being copies of Real Players on other servers - idea long since abandoned)  So a "Castle Lord" Commander would be good for PvP and FL/BC Events.  A "Glory Invasion" Commander SEEMS to be only for FL/BC targets.  However, I have not tested them against Players to be 100% certain.  The Event Specific Commanders are clearly best for Gaming - but only for those specific Events.  

    Disclaimer: COULD GGS have changed the interpretation of Castle Lord to ONLY mean Players now?  I would never discount GGS's ability to change the rules.  That they have Specific Commanders for each Event, including the Glory Invasion ones, does suggest that is possible.  And could the Relic Gear differentiate but the Unique and Legendary Gear not? (As they still only have Castle Lord and NPC designations)  Again, with GGS anything is possible.  

    Any one who has tested against both can hopefully clear it up...…….
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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    On the relics, Lord attributes apply to all "Lords" be they player, or FL/BC(glory invasion).  Glory Invasion attributes ONLY apply to FL/BC.
  • Thanks for the help everyone!!  Maybe I've finally got it!!!
  • For a NPC com you want to look for gems with "of NPC targets." for example +13.8% strength in courtyard of NPC targets, as well as "strength in courtyard when attacking."

    For PVP you want them to say "strength when attacking castle lords" and "strength in courtyard of castle lords."

    "strength in courtyard when attacking" is already the base for cy up to 80% so you should already be trying to fill that up, then for the PVP the "strength in courtyard of castle lords" for an additional 20%.

    You can put the NPC/strength in courtyard when attacking on a PVP com but you should change it out for a full PVP gem when you get a good one.
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  • Also all stats from a hero have no cap, so you should select those that would exceed the cap. For example if you have 80 cy from the equipment, putting a 22 cy hero will make it 102 cy.

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