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Bug in Storm Title - FEEBLE - causes slowness of carts also

Storm title Feeble - should only affect Army Speed - slowing it by -30%

And because I happen to be lucky recipient of this title at the moment - I have noticed that my Food carts are slowed down drastically also.

Example - I send out slow carts before sleeping to targets I know got full food so all my food returns to me after some time. 
Same target - that normally would take 1.5 hrs for example if I send without coins is now taking close to 2 hrs for example. 

 - please have the BUG fixed immediately - if this is unintended - or please update the language of the title description in storm.


  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,773AU1
    I reckon it's a wrong description that has been wrong for ages, managed to find someone reporting the bug back in 2014 and the storm titles were introduced in april 2014

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  • Amazing if this is not addressed - bug not fixed or language not updated from 2014 then :O

    Dear Bug Game Studios - hint hint - FIRE your team that is supposed to take care of this - get someone who wants to work for Game improvement I guess :X 
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