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Outers - I see everything twice

We had the duplicate Keep a few Outer Realm events ago. This time we have the duplicate castle. Two identical castles, belonging to the same player, same account, different locations. You could even send an attack to both. Then after the first attack had landed, the second castle caught fire and was out of bounds, so a wasted trip.

Whatever GGE are on, it looks potent and certainly one should not operate machinery or drive while under its influence...


  • TempranceTemprance Posts: 825Moderator

    I will forward this issue.


    Temprance @ usa 1
  • In current Outers I think I got a reward for might points (whizz through these things to get to play, so only reckoned there was an issue later) of a few decent coin troops (think it was 10 melee and 10 ranged kings' guard or similar), but troops never appeared.

    Not a big deal, as you can do most things with macemen and crossbows (speed being of the essence), one of the charms of Outers, but if rewards are not coming in, there is an issue.
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