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Protection Mode needs changing

devstey2devstey2 Posts: 96
I entered protection mode, but it takes 24 hours to start. In that time, I can't attack or sab anyone.

But check this out

1. I can be attacked! So in this 24 hour period, you can be attacked but you can't retaliate.
2. I can't send attacks to capture empty resource islands in Storm Islands.
3. The recruitment penalty however starts straight away. So for 24 hours, you can't recruit troops very much at all. Doubly dumb.

Can it please be changed.

Make it so you are either in protection or not. Make it start straight away, and tehn it can't be cancelled, or nothing happens until 24 hours passes.

But don't weaken the player for 24 hours, without offering any actual protection!!!!!
devstey @ au 1


  • I completely agree with this. They haven't changed it, and I don't think they ever will.
  • Lady Nym (US1)Lady Nym (US1) Posts: 387US1
    5 years. Nice.
  • Yep, pretty lame if you need to go under the bird and can still be attacked for 24 hours but cannot even send off your troops to station somewhere else. 
  • @ Crom Crauch
  • Asmodeus (NL1)Asmodeus (NL1) Posts: 141NL1
    right before you activate bird you send your troops to a safehouse for 12 hours with a 12 hour delay
    covers the 24 hours.

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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 663US1
    By my book, here's how and what protection should get you:
    1)Instant protection from any new incoming attacks including RVs.  Any already on the way will land.  
    2)No ability to support someone under protection - they don't need it.  Any troops already there can stay until their recall.
    3)Event activity does not help the alliance earn alliance rewards. 
    4)You do not receive any alliance rewards while under protection.
    5)Not sure how they're currently handled, but labs, monuments, metro etc should be dropped.

    Might be a little harsh you say, but being under the bird shouldn't be a boon for anybody.  It should only stop the bleeding. If you got a lab or something you aren't beaten down enough to need the protection.

  • LadyWolfe (US1)LadyWolfe (US1) Posts: 122US1
    The reason for 24hr penalty is so players don't abuse the bird. For example, if you see an attack incoming, you can just bird and avoid troop loss.

    I do agree, however, that this strategy can be improved. Doubt it will happen... 5 years and counting LOL
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  • TempranceTemprance Posts: 825Moderator
    It is unlikely any changes will be made to the protection feature. On a side note, I believe it is pretty balanced as is. The fact that you can avoid getting hit in the first place is already a little excessive in a game that is <supposed> to be focused on PVP.

    Closing this old thread now.


    Temprance @ usa 1
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