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farming tools, bricks and sand.

I have recently been awarded Farming tools, bricks and sand, but I don't know where they have been stored or how to use them. I am at level 36 and have a feeling that I cant use them unless I'm level 70. Can anyone please enlighten me.


  • MagicMUSHY (AU1)MagicMUSHY (AU1) AU1 Posts: 163
    We use them in the construction yard to craft build items. Farming tools are still a mystery to me though.

  • Baboom1 (US1)Baboom1 (US1) US1 Posts: 5
    You use them to craft build items in the construction yard which is unlocked at level 45.

    High As Honor.
  • idk8 (GR1)idk8 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 20
    Farming tools and sand are used to construct items that enhance some of the buildings in your castle. To use them you need to make sure that you have already built the Construction Yard/Place.

    Then click on this button to open the menu.

    The menu should look like this. You can choose the building you want to enhance and you can choose whether to use an already existing item that you have collected or to make a new one. If you plan on using an already existing item, choose the building you want to enhance and drag the item to the pentagonal or hexagonal slot, depending on its type.

    Already collected items should look like this one below.

    (Could be pentagonal as well, depends on the type of the item as said above. Pentagonal items enhance the ability of the buildings e.g. to produce or store more items such as wood etc. Hexagonal items enhance the look of the buildings, and make them work like decorations)

    If you plan on making a new item (Pentagonal only) you should click on the green "Construction" button.

    If you click on this button another menu is going to pop up, which should look like this. This time, you should choose which item you would like to built, after deciding which effects you would like to give to the building of your choice. Let's say you've already chosen and clicked on an item like that one below. After clicking on an item, you can see at the bottom right part of your screen how many resources you are going to need in order to built it. The total number of resources needed are shown at the bottom left corner.

    If you are willing to built the item for the first time (Level 1), first make sure you have enough resources (if you see a green tick then you are fine) and click on the green button as shown below.

    To upgrade an already built item, click on the arrows to switch levels and if you have enough resources, click on the green button again.

    Some times, to upgrade an item to a higher level, you are going to have carried out research in advance. Always check out your Research Tower for item enhancements!

     Hope I helped you. Have a nice day! :smiley:
    ~idk8 @ GR1 Level 70+
  • thanks guys great answers

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