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Way to many low level castles in Crows & FC's.



  • Brian888 (US1)Brian888 (US1) Posts: 89US1
    They won't fix anything nor they will respond to our posts cause they don't care .GGS just wants money from us only money
  • The worst castle I get since I was level 40, now I'm 600+ legendary and to get target like this is shame, the rost part is this is not the only one but there are more that looks almost bad as this one. I just dnt know how is it possible to get this after reaching all those goals and after so many attacks instead getting massive target u get this crap. 

  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) Posts: 744NL1

    I'm not saying these are amazing targets, they aren't.  But, how many have you done today?  Compare that number to how many Nomad Camps you hit over the last few days.  If you do trains on the Camps, you probably hit 1,500 easy.  

    I know I am a broken record on this one, but the event isn't designed to give 500k Glory per castle.  Look at the LTPE amounts needed for each level.  

    THAT is the amount of glory you should expect to get for an attack with NO Flags, Regular Flags, and Ruby Flags/Tools.

    The amounts wouldn't be that low, if the event wasn't designed to give that low of glory per castle...…..
    damn, with those castles it's party time  for me
    flug @ nl 1
  • flug (NL1)flug (NL1) Posts: 744NL1
    I'm just hitting for resources. 
    This event  DOESNT WORTH the time and effort any more.

    Why the provided the new commanders? To hit castles with 500-600 troops?

    We can't be always the unlucky ones that get no good targets (good =3-4k I'm not dreaming any more).

    I have ask them to provide the distribution for the number of troops in castles. They didn't. Just said that it works as it was designed.

    last line tells enough :):):)
    flug @ nl 1
  • B0RAT (LT1)B0RAT (LT1) Posts: 85LT1

    No comments. 
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 2,015INT3
    You all DO realize this isn't anything new, right?  Here is a BR from 2 years ago.  This was from my US1 account.  Level 70+ account, so level 70 FL castle:

    Of course, no flags or glory bonus was in effect.  

    Broken record:  This IS how the event was designed...…….
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • This round of FL's seem better than usual... better relative to the other FL's. Alas not crazy good.
  • B0RAT (LT1)B0RAT (LT1) Posts: 85LT1
    What GGE says about this event - Foreign castles are generated randomly by our system. The strength of the castles is based on your level. Factors like payments, alliance, server etc. have no influence on your enemies. Every player with similar account activity will receive similar opponents.

    It's a joke. Similar ? 
    I'm 70+800 level my activity is 31/31 days in month and i'm first in our server by power points (about half a year maybe). 
    We do not have war in our server.  
    Remember - similar.
    Last time i have 500 defenders....i do not know.... maybe..... level 40 ?

    Don't lie to us and yourself. Please change Foreign castles defenders amount or write truth about how it is "generated randomly". 

    F*king mockery ..... The strength of the castles is based on your level....... :DDD ...... 

  • Thank you for proving our point. Big players either shred through the bad castles to get to the good ones, or don't even bother with bad castles from the start. The way you put it means the latter is correct. While it's true that finding a 300 troop castle is possible yet rare finding anything around 500 isn't. The event sucks and you can still spend your money however you like but the way you're talking allows us to know that thise with deep pockets get some special treatment. Either that or you fortify every castle before spying. For short the event is crap and the motivation to exceed is minimal.

  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) Posts: 109GB1
    Still the rubbish crow and fc castles prevail throughout the event, making them a joke, especially when considering they are a major part of the Kingdom League event. This means that many, many, players go through the event with minimal scores due to low glory from bad castles. You then see others with scores in the millions with obviously good castles, (good luck to them) which straight away send a message to the low players, 'why bother, I'll give this a miss, this event, its pointless, I've got no chance of getting anywhere, the other parts of rewards such as loot and resources are also not worth the effort, time, or losses.
     Its also part of the new relic acquisition system, but once past the first level, the glory needed to acquire relic equipment is way past the low castles level where you are only getting from 1-3000 glory pr hit, depending on your level, some even less, yet by lvl 3 of the quest you need 75,000 glory. Its similar to the way that the relic part of the Nomads is going with the only way to get and pay for the relics is through the khan camps and khan medals. The camps are not the problem but the khan medals for paying for them are, normal players will be lucky to get 2-3 lots of prizes, before they run dry, where as if GGE had included an alternative payment, players could choose which one to use. GGE, 1 choice is a bad idea and will limit players competing in and buying in that event.
    A request if I may..At least run an decent event alongside the crows and fc's, such as the Sams, or Nomads, as many players are looking for something else to do, when they are on, and outer realms doesn't count as a decent event, but of course its probable that then, players wont bother with Crows or Fc's.
  • I agree with the original poster on this thread, far too many small Bloodcrow and Foreign Lord targets.  For the last few events I have only found one or two that were even 2000 - not much of a challenge.
    GGE want us to buy more rubies and spend more and of course I can understand that they want this partly to fund future game development.  But whats the point in taking up the offers of 2k, 3k, 4k Veteran Horrors and/or flags to match when you never seem to get any targets that you can use these on.   This is just making the game boring.  And yes I have used the option of dethroning but in practice this usually adds very little increase to the numbers on a target and quite often just makes it smaller.  On occasions I have purchased rubies but unless the target sizes improve I now find there is just no need to buy or use rubies now.
    My cousin who used to play and frequently bought rubies has now left the game for exactly the same reason.  It is getting very boring and unless these event targets improve I am likely to do the same.
    GGE often send out questionaires to get game feedback.  Sadly these questionaires rarely ask the relevant questions, so unless they start reading and acting on players comments in the forums I fear that nothing will improve, and ultimately they will end up losing more and more players

  • blueninja691 (US1)blueninja691 (US1) Posts: 338US1
    edited 05.08.2019

    This event is all about luck. The faster you sift through those crapstles the faster you get glory targets worth investing flags into. Ruby whales do a combo of insane sifting as well as fortying castles, which allows GGS to profit. as both need an excessive amount of rubies and troops. This event is absolute crap and for those that see the 7.5m, 10m, or top 100 goals as impossible to reach, for those players this event would only be an easier way to get glory titles without doing PVP.

    If every castle had 2000 troops in it more people may be seen buying flags and troops to handle them but that would make glory titles pathetically easy to obtain. GGS wants us to work for our high tier rewards, but to the extent of buying rubies. They purposefully make things unattainable so people shell out some benjamins to obtain them, thats their business plan and you cant blame them. They don't want free to play players to be satisfied with their game progress without spending. The problems is when you want your paycheck but want to please all parties, it won't happen. The game is heavily unbalanced beyond proportion and the scary thing is that GGS doesn't care. Where's Thanos when you need him.

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  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 2,015INT3
    Well said.  "They don't want free to play players to be satisfied with their game progress without spending."

    Never forget that...…….
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • Thorten (US1)Thorten (US1) Posts: 99US1
    all boils down to how many hunderds of less than 1K castles are you willing to hit and plump up with flags for the chance of getting 1 castle with 2K all D or better?

    each player has their own 'what's in it for me?' and will answer differently.   

    since I have a very low tolerance for spinning my wheels for hours on end, the event is easily skipped or played very lightly at best
    Thorten @ usa 1
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Posts: 975Community Manager
    Hmmmm I was merging some threads that all discussed the same topic and I've potentially deleted some. My apologies for that. Anyway we are still conducting a review of Aliens and Bloodcrows and hopefully I'll have something to report on soon.
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 732US1
    Speaking of merging, can you get rid of the stickiness on all of those old announcements?  If I go to recent discussions there's at least a couple of pages of them to scroll through.
  • it's not that hard to reach the 10 million points on the glory if you know how to do it without spending a fuortune...... I do it all the time..... it only takes some effort....... sure....... we all get a load of low castles.... but... if you do your best ( and no I ain't gonna tell how to do it) it's easy enough..... usually I get to the 10 million mark within 2 days... sometimes faster....... without buying rubies
    It's like I tell my alliancemembers....... hit some castles instead of complaining how bad they are..... and figure out the reinforcement/banning options
    Soul4Life2 @ nl 1
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Posts: 975Community Manager
    @bernhardt (US1) some of those are from the technical assistance section and are important. I'll try to unsticky stuff as I go.
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 732US1
    Thanks Crom.  It will be appreciated by many besides me I'm sure.
  • GGE why do players in the top 100 get the best castles. In the current event I haven't seen on Castle over 700, yet when try to boost it get a worse one. Also spending rubies to boost only get 200 more why the rip off. Why is it you say you want a fair game but a ruby spending person gets all the glory. A scam I think making us spend then rip off lower lvl players.

    Leo The Lion1 @ usa 1
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