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The War

A heart felt goodbye to my friends in KON. A hearty congratulations to the victors.

It was a fun war with new tactics, late nights and so much more. I never got into the politics of why we were fighting, but fought for the joy of it... which is the same for 99% of us I am certain. 

Looking forward to whatever comes next. Having many I call friends in every major alliance, I have decided to go off on my own. No property, no politics, just fun. Going to enjoy my summer and do some farming. Been a fun time ever since the Leviathan war, when I first started playing. Thank you all for the memories.

I post here simply to say I am moving on. I may be hunted by my former enemies, I may not be... I have no clue. But if you count yourself a friend, and like my style of playing... stay in touch ;-) and perhaps we'll fight alongside each other some day.


Into the great unknown...

James Bernard @ usa 1


  • ften (US1)ften (US1) Posts: 7US1
    good luck JB
  • Best of luck Kolan.  It sure has been fun.
  • mnight (US1)mnight (US1) Posts: 1,428US1
    Some of my toughest and most memorable battles the last war were with you, because we were in such close proximity at my old OPs. There were many nights we woke each other up with short horns lol. 

    I think we have been on opposite sides for the whole time we've been playing. I do hope one day you get to see another side of us.
    "Mark Night 5ever Crew"
    "Misc Ginger Sloot Crew"
    "Property of MoP Crew"
    "Sold to TM Crew"
    "Signs off when NTJeffery messages Crew"
    "Uggs and Ipads Crew"
    "Ersihoe Crew"
    "Bishes do love winkies Crew"
    "Stays back from edge of train platform because I distrust all other humans crew"
  • Kolan (US1)Kolan (US1) Posts: 42US1
    Thanks all... I appreciate it!

    Don't worry, Morentz, I'm confident you'll find others attempting to fill my shoes ;-). Hope they don't like sleep, lol. Congrats to you as well, great victory. 

    We sure had some good ones, mnight! War has definitely changed over the years... SO much quick hitting now. But back in the day... ours were quick!

    James Bernard @ usa 1

  • I totally agree with you on this war been a fun time ever since the Leviathan war, I grew up during the Leviathan War myself. I was a Levi.

    I fought along side with you last War while I was KON2. I fought opposite of you with this current War which I hope is coming to close under the MISC Family. As I wish you the best of luck moving forward, please allow me to say that you are one for the very few players highly regarded regardless which side you were at in any conflict.

    All the best !


    Joseph Henry217 @ usa 1
  • Kolan (US1)Kolan (US1) Posts: 42US1
    Thank you, Joe! I really appreciate that. I fight hard, but try my best to respect my enemies. This last war was very civil- amazingly so- in the interactions I saw. I understand that isn't/wasn't always the case, but I try! It's an interesting thing having "friends" in basically every big alliance after all this time. Pretty fun.

    Thanks again, 

    James Bernard @ usa 1
  • amr5 (US1)amr5 (US1) Posts: 114US1
    GOOD  luck bro soon GGE  will make all of us leave the game it is just time till they make last stupid update 

    we will miss u 
  • One thing I forgot, but should mention...

    I believe my phone number and others' numbers were posted publicly, as well as personal attacks outside of the game. Those things I would never condone. It's a game.. meant to be a fun way to get away from rl, not a way to make rl a nightmare, which has happened to some members in KON (not sure about other places). I hope those things end- just no place for them. I never answer a call I don't recognize and have been a business owner for decades, so I am used to getting trolled- and I don't even "hear" it most times anymore, but that is not the case for most people. 

    Please, tear it up here in the game, but not outside of it.

    I will not go into specifics besides the phone list, so please don't bother asking me... as I said, I just want a fresh start and to have fun, not get dragged into the sh it of some things that happened in the past.

    Okay- back to hitting camps and chatting about Deadwood ;-).

    believe me bro the same frustrations you feel we do as well it angers us to no end that some players take things to the next level like that..We dont stand for that kind of crap believe me we love having fun and trolling people but messing with peoples real life businesses and leaking phone numbers is not cool whatsoever and we all recognize that as a whole and call those people out for doing stupid shyt like that.  Believe me it used to go both ways more last war than this one tbh.

  • Rusev (US1)Rusev (US1) Posts: 48US1
    edited 26.06.2019
    You put up a good fight.  I wish you the best in your future, Kolan.  You seem like a stand up fellow -- have a gift pack.

    The leak was unfortunate, but when people can't see where their game life ends and real life begins, stupidity takes over.  While they're my opponents, I do feel sorry for those caught up in that situation.  Karma will come to collect on the scum that did it.
    THE Misc.

    Rusev @ usa 1
  • Kolan (US1)Kolan (US1) Posts: 42US1
    Thanks guys... I feel the same. And hey... thanks for the gift ;-)

    James Bernard @ usa 1
  • Believe a bunch of players numbers got leaked

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