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Not only are these pop ups ANNOYING AF, but now you're sending us DM messages!
You're spoiling the game for EVERYONE, it's like every 10 minutes & oh look, more pop ups!



  • organza (US1)organza (US1) US1 Posts: 8
    edited 13.06.2019

    GGE set a new record (at least on my account) this morning with a total of 14 'special offers'.  3 in my inbox which I can't delete until they expire (very frustrating) and 11 pasted on the screen.

    I understand that GGE is a business and ruby sales are vital to keeping the business afloat but there just has to be a better way.  Having to maneuver around pop ups just to play the game, and now having space taken up in a limited mailbox is annoying.

    Maybe if GGE could move the on-screen offers to the right side of the game screen it would help.  As far as the inbox offers, maybe allow players to delete them before they expire??  Dunno.....just spitballing here.
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  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    I wonder if these are account specific?  My INT3 account does not have any "inbox" offers currently and only has 2 on-screen ones.  On my other account there is only 1 "inbox" offer and 5 on-screen.  In both cases the on-screen ones were nested into 2 screen icons.  Sure, I had to close down the 5 pop-ups upon logging in, but this seems far less intrusive than what you are describing.  

    Curious about a couple things:
       1 - Have you bought before?  (I have not)
       2 - How often do you log in?  (I am on daily for several hours - yes, I have this on a side screen at work)
    I wonder the above, as #1 could result in special targeted ads to their Existing Customers, and #2 could be that they have a certain number to send over a specific time period.  If I am getting the inbox ones all day long and clicking them away, does that prevent the 14 all at once that you are getting?

    The ads are far too many for any of our liking.  But, there likely is a Marketing Study behind them...……...
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • EdMohrmann (US1)EdMohrmann (US1) US1 Posts: 127

           Popups and 'special offers' (which really are not special at all) hit me about

           40 times/day (logged on about 14 hours) and it is no longer annoying, it is

           irritating beyond tolerance !

    EdMohrmann @ usa 1
  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) US1 Posts: 837
    Do you dare take away my Pop Up!!!!! I want MORE!!!! Every time GGS send pop up, I climax.
  • Tempus (US1)Tempus (US1) US1 Posts: 778
    Do you dare take away my Pop Up!!!!! I want MORE!!!! Every time GGS send pop up, I climax.
    Couldn't agree more!

    There's nothing I like better than clicking "X" 39 times right when I log in.

    It's even better when you're trying to send or defend a hit and 12-219 Pop-Ups prevent you from properly manipulating the graphical user interface. 

    GGS thank you so much for making the game challenging, not due to game strategy, but just sheer usability. 
    Yil is very fake news.   #MAGA
  • Keenanxbox (US1)Keenanxbox (US1) US1 Posts: 567
    Me closing the popups versus more popping up as i do it

  • Kvass (US1)Kvass (US1) RU1 Posts: 271
    the funny part is that even if you buy the popups wont go away


  • Tempus (US1)Tempus (US1) US1 Posts: 778
    Me closing the popups versus more popping up as i do it
    Why is that long haired guy slapping empty space? 
    Yil is very fake news.   #MAGA
  • Not to mention that every ex is in a different corner of the screen each time. Its like target practice for a video game in a browser game, oh wait it is.

    Ha no they keep coming but they become more seductive. They dont understand that players dont wanna bury through an avalanche to get to a game they invested a few bucketloads of cash into. *Sigh*...

  • Some good replies here, some funny too. keep up the good work fellow gamers....maybe a vote would go down a storm at GGS/GGE HQ??? Saying that, no one would listen or read it! Just go under 'file-deleted' & then a player who started it would get a ban, seems the norm right?
    THE DARKSIDE @ en 1
  • bummer (AU1)bummer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 664
    @Crom Cruach
    How the popup adds feel to player logging in to the game

     How are you doing?
    just trying to clear the popup ads , finally found my castle in the background, starting to get ridiculous

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