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Restore LTPE to how it was before

My suggestion discard the changes to the long term event , get rid of the apprentice blacksmith idea , stick it in a box and bury it in a deep deep mine shaft.

My feedback , the current change is a terrible one, its a big f u to non ruby buyers due to the loss of free troops, feathers, decos etc. and its probably not that great for ruby buyers either.
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  • paulyte (GB1)paulyte (GB1) Posts: 69GB1

    free players can get good equipment and good build items without paying rubies... but like what was said in the other thread, you dont get nearly enough coins as you should in all honesty, but it has potential to improve. Maybe they can add tools or something to the apprentice shop, but its hardly an f u to non ruby buyers  :D
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  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) Posts: 82GB1
    All I can see is that the spring festival event has been ruined, its now just there to fuel the apprentice blacksmith, another waste, and also the fusion forge. They have taken away the incentive for persevering on the other events that run at the same time, and also forgotten that a lot of stuff in the blacksmith you can get from elsewhere. The moral of the story normally is, if it ain't broken don't try to fix it. If gge are trying to drive players away then they are doing a really great job of it. 
  • I like the old LTPE better. The blacksmith tokens should just be added to the event like the things were for the fusion. 
  • Deth (ASIA1)Deth (ASIA1) Posts: 221ASIA1
    The new version sucks. Period.

    I quit the game for two years. Now I'm back on the Asia server.

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  • B0RAT (LT1)B0RAT (LT1) Posts: 85LT1

    100k ? Are you joking ?

  • 100k ? Are you joking ?
    lol whats that
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,672
    just more proof that the developers have never played the game
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  • Druids (GB1)Druids (GB1) Posts: 82GB1
    edited 09.06.2019
    Nor did they think the whole thing through. If they had they would be aware of the knock-on effect a large mess up like this will cause to all the events. Sams have not been as popular as nomads with the horsetails, but to think this idea would justify, players still using fast feathers in Sams to increase hits, would surprise me. I also note even more use of prizes for fusion in the single player event prizes, so I presume that gge think that these are acceptable and wanted prizes, at least by some. I can only presume that they are also going to do the same with the other events within the SNF, and so i will probably be doing a bit of long awaited, and much needed work on the outer kingdoms and baron front, until gge come to their senses, which may be a while, going on the current record.
  • I've pretty much grinded most of the sams with around 7.5k points. I'm in the lvl 60s bracket. Hence my LTPE bracket is also lvl 60s. This would make you think wow such easy bracket rewards should be easily acheived. And yes your right rewards are easily achieved. That is it was with the old LTPE layout. Now i've pretty much non-stop grinded Sams. And i've just been able to 4/27 rewards. 

    So atrocious it just makes game even more boring as it takes a ridiculously long time to attain rewards. 

    Please try and restore the fun part of the game back
  • Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1)Muffins 2.0 (ASIA1) Posts: 2,941ASIA1
    Temprance said:

    You can get 10k apprentice tokens by completing it once, and another 10k if you are active enough to complete it twice. Following that there is a large variety of sets or items you can spend this on, honestly giving more freedom than before to choose what your account needs more. Regardless, I will forward your feedback.

    "Active enought"?
    Are you serious?
    Are you guys playing your own games?
    who in the world came up with this scoring sistem?
    100k for second round on the long event?
    you cant and nobody can do that score in 1 month, not even a robot...
    those developers are going insane update after update, first with the relic buildings, they introduce more and more buildings which require a long time of playing the outer events, or league event and then you make this crap and joke event which in the end is not good for both sides ruby of normal players.

    IF ggs really wants to know the reality of this, yeah the top 10 to MAX 100 players PER servers will score aprox 50k points, or even more, but those are the ones that spend in outers, events after events and dont care about their credit cards .

    So who came up with this new idea, please ... just bring back the old event, or just odn't even bring it back.
    Make a break from it, change the commanders and cast's you give, and then bring it back.
    Same for tools and troops that are in it as rewards.

    Leave top 250 and 100 as they are right now. 
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  • Player X (GB1)Player X (GB1) Posts: 26GB1
    Personally I like the change but the equipment is still too expensive. But 100k is really quite ridiculous indeed, not a chance in the world anyone I know could do that.

  • neuterable (US1)neuterable (US1) Posts: 734US1
    edited 17.06.2019
    It's nice to have a use for those tokens again, but it would take several events to afford anything realistically, especially without the other rewards like bonus units and t001s to help people along.
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  • meh, calm down everyone.  As said in the announcements recently, VIP time, troops, and tools will be added to the apprentice token shop.  I guess we can just hope for appropriately balanced costs.  As for the second book being 100k seasonal points to complete.  A bit overkill, yes, but at least people should never run out of seasonal rewards to earn throughout the month.  After all, players who get 10k-20k points do deserve something.  Like I said though, 100k is...a little out there.
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