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  • @Atticus Finger (US1) lmfao, u had 1700 more troops than him at least every time u attacked... but he's trash... ok.  :D
    Don't mess with me.
  • @Sorth121 (US1) I'm not level 20 and when I played back in 2017 i was level 70 hol 600... so...
    Don't mess with me.
  • @amr5 (US1) I'm not your fan and i could care less about you, i was simply stating what I thought was right
    Don't mess with me.
  • @amr5 (US1) Do something about them attacking you then and stop complaining.
    And you call me your fan?
    Don't mess with me.
  • This thread delivers.
  • Reset1 (US1)Reset1 (US1) Posts: 4US1
    This thread delivers.
    You probably haven't heard that much...nomsayin
    Reset1 @ usa 1

  • It's almost like you want to get bullied.

  • We're going to close this down due to how off-topic it got. If it's decided to open another thread on this topic, please keep it on topic.
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