Any small alliances out there sick of being hit by the big boys and when you ask there leaders for help you get told to stop moaning or they will give you something to moan about they are poison to the game i was hit twice within half an hour today and the second guy must have seen i was on fire bad form and not within fair play rules but you are told to do one when you ask for help please discuss 



  • Deth (ASIA1)Deth (ASIA1) Posts: 222ASIA1
    Join a bigger alliance.

    Diplomat for Drunken Fist.

    I know I'm a noob, no need to tell me again.

  • namby (US1)namby (US1) Posts: 6US1
    I am playing the outer realm  and just started  playing  and have been attacked seven times in the first 2 hrs  I have been on. I said something to them about attacking he is a level 31 and I am 11  crisp of bacon or something like that and now he has told me he is going to constantly attack me is there any way to get him to go away 
    namby @ usa 1
  • 7 Times ??? :D Lmfao .. I hit you ONCE! For you being a lvl 11, i couldn't have even hit you more than once in the first 48 hrs. Cry me a river lol
  • @Cris-P-Bacon (US1) the dude @namby (US1) needs to learn his stuff before he tries to lie and get people attacking you  :D  :D
    Don't mess with me.
  • @TurboChicken101 (US1) lol he's a funny kid, calling me names and talking trash in game and then come crying here haha :-)
    And anyone who wants to can attack me :-) .. I'm right there and not hiding behind anyone :)
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 2,070INT3
    Please STOP calling normal gameplay BULLYING!  This is how the game is played.  If you cannot handle the concept of armies attacking armies, then this is not the game for you.

    For the record, I just joined outers as well.  So, I am also a ripe target of 5,000 heritage points for those who joined a few days ago.  YES, I was hit and lost 8 times before I was able to get my STUFF together enough to begin defending.  The last attack failed.  B)   During that same time, I have sent out 12 attacks, winning 10, losing 1, and 1 the game aborted because my attack was too weak....yes, that was my 2nd one... LOL!

    This is NOT bullying!  REAL LIFE has bullying.  Let's not diminish the seriousness of that word by applying it in a pixel game...…….
    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • You reap what you sow ..
  • @Cris-P-Bacon (US1)   Lol, can i join ur clan
    Don't mess with me.
  • bummer (AU1)bummer (AU1) Posts: 664AU1
    you  are lucky, I am entering outer realms and while I am still killing the adds I have incoming robber attack.
    anyway, I had no time t do anything and left, when I came back after 8 hours I had only 23 attacks and i lost them all :disappointed:
  • Imagine saying attacks in outers are bullying...

    the realm where you are basically rewarded for farming people and the entire point is it resets monthly so nobody cares..

    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns
  • 7 times ? ...

    First night I was hit 30+ times and I still didn't cry about it. 

    You know this is a war game, right?

    Harden up. 
  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) Posts: 449US1
    @Cris-P-Bacon (US1)   Lol, can i join ur clan
    If you want the server war in your face lol.
    Proudly a member of Kings All on US1!

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    (thanks @Link c0p (GB1) )

    Can we talk about games thats not gge yet? Or is this still north korea?
    Pease be polite!
    As you may know, Boo Masters is the ony aliance officially recognized by the DPRK Gaming Cub (North korea).
    Why would you call our sponsor a "dictatorship?"
    shut up @forestw (AU1)

  • @Cris-P-Bacon (US1)   Lol, can i join ur clan
    If you want the server war in your face lol.
    Isn't warring the whole point of the game ? Might aswell play farmville otherwise :-)
  • i guess they don't do much hitting on that server, pussies
  • bummer (AU1)bummer (AU1) Posts: 664AU1
    i guess they don't do much hitting on that server, pussies
    you are a coiner are you not?
  • check my us account and see if i'm coiner.  not wasting my money on outers if that is what you mean,
  • bummer (AU1)bummer (AU1) Posts: 664AU1
    I don't play us server and in outer I do daily tasks and quest book to get the rubies,
    the level 63 next to me hits me twice a day but I cannot touch his main, he has no outposts, so I can only cap his tower giving him something to do. If I would go clollect heritage it is only for his good as he will take it from me. has nothing to do with pussy, its just unreal I cannot hit his castle with a full loaded hero.
  • so your level is shit and you are hitting a level 63, did you buy your account?  good grief you ppl are idiots.
  • bummer (AU1)bummer (AU1) Posts: 664AU1
    you turn it around, the level 63 is the shit idiot  hitting a level 11, most likely can't win from his own level
  • @bummer (NL1) This is a war game tho
    Don't mess with me.
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