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Some Asian Politics - Interesting Read?

Hello. Well, actually, I prefer to say Hiya. I'm Aze but on Asia, I am "Goliath." The forums seem kinda dead so I figured I'd start making more threads and reads that I find personally interesting, and perhaps open up more avenues for communication in a light-hearted and friendlier manner. Unlike pointless hypotheticals, however, this is more of a news update with the dealings of the Asia server, for anybody who cares.

So, my alliance has recently made it to the top 5. We're sitting comfortably at 4th now. Pretty nice. We had a war about 3 weeks ago vs a rival alliance Victory. They put up a great fight, props to their members. Postwar however they were dismantled and many of them ended up converting and joining us. Asia's currently just a couple of alliance families not really fighting each other. Just competing in events and sitting pretty.

You've got Vida Loka. A Brazillian alliance. They're pretty nice people, at least to us. They tend to stave away from fighting if possible and perform pretty decently in events. They hold the Claw King and a big player named KAZUYA who's actually their diplomatic representative. He's a swell guy. Speaks English too. They're 5th.

You've got us. The Merciless. A Mixed alliance. Mostly Americans, Brits, Pakistanis, Indians, and Turks. We get a lot of flak for being the up and comers and not being too "obedient" to server rules. For example, in Asia, it's commonplace to drop members at the request of another alliance, whereas here we ask "why?" This tends to make some people mad. We've got some big players here. Lots of guys from other servers though.

You've then got Stella D'Italia. They're the Italians. All Italian alliance pretty much. Not too keen on speaking English, and if you want to talk to them you go to Papi. They're a.... group of people I guess. Wouldn't say I've had the best interactions with them but they're good players for sure. They're a stronger war alliance on the Asian server. They do maintain top 3 in events but given the opportunity, they would kick your ass first and foremost. They're actually the only alliance my alliance had struggles developing good relations with. They hold the Green capitol.

Then you've got Drunken Fist. Another mixed alliance. Everyone from around the globe has played in there. Romanians, Italians, Americans, you name it, they've had it. They're pretty chatty and friendly most of the time. They're a mix of war players and eventers. Their war players are pretty tough guys. The eventers are top performers too. They actually consistently are top 3 in loot. They tend to stay 2nd in events although occasionally they have been seen to win a Samurai or Nomad event here and there.

Then there's PYCB BennKar. No idea how to spell it properly, as it's in Russian. They're a mix of Russian, Polish, Romanian, and UK players. They're always first in every event except when they've allowed you to be first, save for the alliance tourney. Almost everybody in there would participate in war, and they're top 1 in might. Some of their members are talkative and even hang out in Discords. Others you'd never hear from. Nobody really knows what goes on in there. They hold the metros and a majority, if not, all the server's KTs. They hold the fire cap as well.

Those are the top 5. Most people have subs where they keep inactive and brand new players or overflow. DF, for example, has Crimson Fangs. PYCB has PYCB 2 and Victory. We've got TM: Gladiators. Stella has LORDS OF ASIA, which used to be a top 5 alliance but ended up merging with Stella due to cultural similarities. Vida doesn't actually have a sub but they're pretty solid. Asia's a mixed bunch and a majority of the alliances stay with their cultural similarities, besides us and DF. Might be some server wars soon. I'll post BRs in another thread if any start. 
Goliath @ Asia1 - Elder Maxson @ USA1 


  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    Stella stink. 
    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • samasensei (ASIA1)samasensei (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 160
    Stella stink. 
    lol they get triggered so easily, send one hit from a small alliance they will declare 
    @UK since a long time, forums since 2015 well before the forums shifted to this set up
    Formerly samasensei3 and LegendarySama search them up ;)
  • Treyweezy (US1)Treyweezy (US1) US1 Posts: 72
    We will just hit them with tariffs.

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