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squire and blade dancer

so i was looking at my commander set and noticed squire and blade dancer. what are they and how do i get them? sorry, im a new player


  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 703US1
    They're heroes.  You put them into your commander, just like you do weapons, helm etc.  You get one or the other as part of the start package at some point as a reward on one of the early quests.
    I suggest you join an alliance that has a clue and is willing to teach you the ins and outs of the game.  Any alliance that doesn't have a lvl 70 with at least 200k might probably doesn't even have a sniff at a clue.
  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) Posts: 315GB1
    wow.... GB1 is so dead that we don't have any alliances like that :(

    Welcome Ryujin
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 703US1
    That is dead.  There are a number of alliances here on the US server who are willing to do that.  Some actually have a clue, though many only think they do.
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