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BM abusing powers.


once again you have used your powers and abused it.  has nothing to do with you or any of my previous posts i simply said there is no way you can report abuse or spam posted by BM, idk why you have any issues with it. clearly I didnt take your name.

help me understand why you closed the discussion ? yuo dont want people express their opinion about BMs ?

it only means in forums you only say what BM wants ?


dragonmonkey @ usa 1


  • Dont close the discussion

    besides I have no interest in forum discussion i only use it to check game updates and sometimes any discussion where people posts some ideas and thoughts about game improvement.

    as part of it forum policies also need updates and not dictatorships by bm. we have right to report/feedback on bm.
    dragonmonkey @ usa 1
  • @BM Neroxnex

    better ban this idiot
  • now you are abusing me publically lets see if BM can close/delete your post, that is faul language i didnt call you an "i...." 
    dragonmonkey @ usa 1
  • I'll abuse you privately if you would like as well.
  • i m not stooping to your levels anyway ..
    let bm close this discussion as well he will prove my point that hes abusing his powers by doing so..
    dragonmonkey @ usa 1
  • I believe the message you screenshotted showed a very professional approach to a situation that's now being blown out of proportion. That's just my opinion. I'm going to close this again as our guidelines state under section 4 discussions like these should not be created. If you have any issues with how any BM has treated you I recommend following the advice I provided you. You can also read up on section 4 at the link below, where it will show how this is not abuse. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

This discussion has been closed.