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Outer Realm Refunds due to Reset

BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201Moderator
edited 10.05.2019 in Update Announcements
Due to the reset of the Outer Realms Event players who made payments before the reset lost any packages that had been purchased. Our Payment Team has refunded as many of these as were possible. However, there are still some refunds outstanding that due to the payment method we are not able to refund these include bank transfers, phone payments, and pre-paid cards.

If you made a purchase specific to the Outer Realms event prior to the reset and have not been refunded please contact our Customer Support in the game where they will be able to manually credit any packages that were bought.

On the topic of pre-built castles, we are currently compensating players who purchased these and we expect it to be completed by 16:30 CET today.

Once again we are very sorry for the disruption to the start of this event. We hope that you will enjoy the rest of the run of our Outer Realms.
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  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201Moderator
    Dear Players, 
    in light of the massive amount of technical issues, we sadly have to kick all of our players from the Outer Realms server. There's going to be a downtime for the *Outer Realms server only*! 
    You should be able to login shortly after this downtime and we have to do this in order to implement some first aid solutions for bugs such as the one that's currently multiplying your troops.


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