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can we have more equipment space

as youve added relic armour which seems very specific to use case scenario so my suggestion is increase equipment space to like a thousand or something.

tbh i say just remove the cap and add a search bar but atleast increase it more.
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  • _R11G_ (US1)_R11G_ (US1) Posts: 76US1
    *removes cap* *50M points in the EQ forging nobility for 1st place*
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,672
    I gotta admit the current cap is pittifull with this change you gonna have to at least double it or there is no way people are going to be able to explore this feature, I am already really struggling and its only been going 5 mins!
    Philt123 @ en 1
  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) Posts: 1,845INT3
    I gotta admit the current cap is pittifull with this change you gonna have to at least double it or there is no way people are going to be able to explore this feature, I am already really struggling and its only been going 5 mins!
    Good thing they added that "lost and found"...……..

    (yes, Sarcasm)
    Good night.
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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 663US1
    No, you may not have more storage.  In fact there is too much storage,  Coming in the next update:  Storage overhaul.  Storage will be 32 pieces of equipment as memory must be freed up for more ruby offer pop ups.

    Hope you got the dripping sarcasm.
  • they did increase the space from 320 to 400
  • Philt123 (GB1)Philt123 (GB1) Posts: 1,672
    edited 10.05.2019
    Yep and they introduced a new equipment system that has quite literally thousands of possible combinations lots of interesting new possibilities for combining the new equipment pieces, the chance to create some truly unique and bespoke comms and casts, something that has been sadly lacking since they brought out the 9 piece comms / casts.

    good luck exploring those thousands of combinations with those 80 new storage slots, its kinda like being given a new ferrari, then finding its been electronically limited to 30 mph.

    What doesnt help is that the storage is still being clogged up with those outdated pieces of equipment no one over level 20 wants or needs.  Yet to get rid of them automatically you have to pay £15 a month for the privilige of ditching something that should have been removed from the game a long time ago.  Do us all a favour and change all the non legendary equipment drops on all events / towers / everything to new relik equipment.  and give those subscribing something actually worthwhile like ooh i dont know extra storage for example ?

    The same goes for Gems, no one who has played the game for any length of time needs level 2-3-4-5 gems.  Please please stop clogging my storage up with them.  My storage is constantly full and the minimum level of gem i now hold is a level 8 gem, and I am having to delete loads of them every day to take in the new relik gems that are coming in.  You are great at accelerating in game depreciation.  But horrible at upgrading the rest of the game, to keep up,  the game is littered with obsolete equipment, that no longer serves any purpose.  Look at your events, Blade coast, Underworld, thorn king, Nomads, Samurai, Foreign invasion, Crows, Storm.  All littered with obsolete equipment. 

    And all littered with obsolete Prizes, I mean Blade Coast, Underworld, thorn king and storm.  Have been obsolete for years.  I can only imagine you are planning to ditch them you have left them so long its embarrasing.  But even your so called flagship events are obsolete.  You bring into the game level 11-15 Base food construction items.  Yet you continue to make the TOP prize in your flagship event a prize only availabe to 1 player per event, a level 10 food storage item, something that frankly is defo not worth competing for, in fact at this point in the game most top players will be replacing level 10 items at least on their top prodcing grans.  The same goes for the equipment you can gain in these events, pretty much obsolete.  Same goes for FI / Crows.  For any top player the equipment you can gain in these events will not make their top 30 comm shortlist.

    When you introduce new things into the game thats great, it really is but you really need to think more carefully about what impact the new equipment is goign to have on other areas of the game, which events are going to need new rewards / equipment sets etc.  Take the decision bring in level 11-15 base food construction items into the game, at the same time these were brought out you should have changed all events that currently pay out level 10 food items to level 15 food items.  if the reward for winning an event is the top food item available then you need to update all events.  The same goes for when you bring out new equipment.  Its not difficult its simply joined up thinking.  And to be honest you suck at that.
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