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RIP Scootertrash

Yona1234 (US1)Yona1234 (US1) Posts: 14US1
edited 09.05.2019 in Alliance News & Diplomacy
Was challenged to a 1v1 today. 


He felt bad I 2 flanked him so he thought that if sent a second attack with more tools he would do better. (Which he did) Props

(Details)- Would have taken that right flank just needed more ranged.

He felt proud he got more but upset he didn't take more of my defenders out. So he thought if he added more troops to the attack he could take more out. So he went round 3. 

After this he couldn't understand what was wrong. He must have forgotten how to pvp. So he thought, " Lett me start hitting his outer kingdom. It might be better."

After realizing and remembering this was a 1v1 and I had actually played by his rules and received no support, his soul just cried when he saw those numbers.

But now it was time to go on the offensive:

oh no!! running out of defense!!

Couldn't take it anymore

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  • Yona1234 (US1)Yona1234 (US1) Posts: 14US1
    edited 09.05.2019
    Was fun while it lasted.
  • Those are some good reports, nice work!
    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • Kvass (US1)Kvass (US1) Posts: 271RU1
    imagine getting graped by a 12yo


  • Sorth121 (US1)Sorth121 (US1) Posts: 173US1
    Imagine being so bored you challenge someone to a 1v1 just so you have an excuse to move some troops around.

    Nice reports tho.
    MUFU Member

  • Tempus (US1)Tempus (US1) Posts: 778US1
    Yona, you might have won the battles, but he legit has the coolest name I've seen on the server which is something you can't take from him. 
    Yil is very fake news.   #MAGA
  • Cool you beat a trash player in a non-pvp alliance. 
    Good BRs
    The Pacifist - US1 :smiley:
  • Some nice reports, reckon his tooling was awful.


  • not even that good 
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