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I'm Back.

hello. I just recently got back to the game (about 3 weeks ago). I originally left about 2 years or so ago entirely because I was moving quite a bit. Ended up moving through 3 states in just under a few months. 12 moves in 1 year. Big yikes.

But, now I'm older and my own person and I live out on my own so I decide when I move, and I also decide how much of my monthly budget I get to blow on rubies. My friend @dylan42 (US1) brought me back along with the annoying empire emails I was always getting.

The game's quite a lot of fun now honestly. I picked back up on the Asia server and re-opened my USA account just to watch the server war. On the USA, I am " ψ Sadness ψ " On the USA server and "Goliath" on Asia. Hope to see some familiar faces. Thanks for reading!

Goliath @ Asia1 - Elder Maxson @ USA1 


  • samasensei (ASIA1)samasensei (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 160
    welcome back  :)
    @UK since a long time, forums since 2015 well before the forums shifted to this set up
    Formerly samasensei3 and LegendarySama search them up ;)
  • Azelfian (ASIA1)Azelfian (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 277
    welcome back  :)
    hey sama it's been so long man, how ya been
    Goliath @ Asia1 - Elder Maxson @ USA1 

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