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Consistent Production?


So, I'm kind of on that tipping point where you're almost "good enough" to be able to constantly produce mantlets and troops and loot the gold back but I can't help but feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Currently, I have 1 outpost that I'm trying to make self-sufficient. I have 3 production slots for tools, and 3 for troops. I can recruit 80 troops at a time. My go-to ranged unit atm is the Imperial Bowman. Making 80 while not feasted takes 5 and a half hour. During feast, it's about 1 and a half hours per 80 sects? My mantlets take 3 and a half hours to produce a stack of 80.

Say we're in a nomad event. 350 mantlets are about ~250k coins. If I'm having to use around 60 mantlets a hit (25 and 35, occasionally more), how do I balance a hit every 7 minutes with my production rates and not run out of mantlets? I am finding myself spending 250k coins on mantlets to keep up with my looting. It gets worse off but much quicker when I'm hitting 4 nomads at once or running trains. Are people hitting other things between the events to make up for the coinage, and if so, how many mantlets are you using on those?

For perspective, my NPCs towers aren't maxed level and it's an aspect I'm working on. 
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  • _R11G_ (US1)_R11G_ (US1) Posts: 76US1
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    I usually just build mantlets in my 2, sometimes 3rd op as well with 14/15 workbench research, relentless and about 280% to 315% PO boost. I usually gain more than I lose.

    I don't hit RBCs for resources (still not even past level 9 near my ops) and just run trains on events
  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) Posts: 264US1
    Imp bowmen?
    Really? :smile:

    I use vet heavy crossbows, much cheaper and still pretty good. Throw a level 4 build item on your barracks and pop em to level 6, get alliance help and that's 204 per slot

    As for mantlets I don't really hit robber barons at all and just farm nomads all day long lol. The res you get from there is enough to crank em out overnight.
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  • It depends what level you are - once the towers in outers are maxed you don't need mantletts there so can produce about 1200 a day without anything special (and transfer to green for free using berimond) - but i've been doing that for so long it's second nature - if you are still working up to level 70 get your po up in the op's and that'll also help build speed - probably best to hit nomads and sams  1flank / centre to save them until you get to a better level - and i use imperial marksmen as find others just to weak !

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