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Discussion Thread: April Update Notes 2019

BM FujiwaraBM Fujiwara Posts: 575
Hello again brave warriors,
Our April update offers a few exciting new improvements, with a backup storage for temporarily holding items for you if you win them with an already full storage, a new relic construction building, and a new revised scoring system for the next run of the outer realms in an attempt to address players' unhappiness with the current system.
Please leave your feedback, thought, comments, questions and suggestions in this discussion thread as always - Thanks a lot! 
Best regards,
Your Empire Family Team


  • Death77 (US1)Death77 (US1) US1 Posts: 66
    edited 26.04.2019
    the woodcutter building no level 70 is ganna be interested in more wood production if they hit towers for more wood

    outer realm is na ok

    appearance items is  ok but most dont buy them

    i say this is not really a good April update
  • UD1 (INT1)UD1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2,352
    The wood relic building not for me a good looter gets all he need from towers, skins never been a buyer .

    Will give outer realms a try , stop this time after first day was just chaos and carnage , you can work you ass off then go to bed before points get counted and lose a days work in a blink of an eye. it really needs 2 time zones to collect points if your awake when points get calculated you have the advantage.

    Lost and found good idea i think we been all caught in that trap. but i do think spending rubies accidently needs to be adressed basically a great big sign across the screen say .   ARE YOU SURE 
  • Roy II (US1)Roy II (US1) US1 Posts: 15
    The Outer Realm is a fracking joke. Every time I try to access my Outer Realm castle by clicking the button to enter the Outer Realm it's like a craps shoot! Sometimes you get lucky & access it on the first click, other times it just reloads the main castle of the Actual Game!  For instance, the last time I clicked on the Enter the Outer Realm button to enter the Outer Realm for over 1/2 an hour but all it did was reload & then I ended back up in my Main Castle again! I went to the Outer Realm when they first started giving the relic build & upgrade tokens as prizes & I kinda liked it because when you clicked on the enter Outer Realms button you actually entered the Outer Realm & it wasn't so cut-throat. But now I don't think I will EVER be going back to the crappy Outer Realm again!
  • Aleem Pasha (US1)Aleem Pasha (US1) US1 Posts: 347
    Ugliest Update I have ever seen
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,067
    Relic woodcuter - nobody needs that
    new cosmetic looks - whatever floats your boat, they're not good nor bad
    lost and found - good
    outer realms 4.0 - don't see how this improves it, still can't compete without a lot of money spent for good spots, be as active as you might a whale can roll over you and you are back to 0 in just a few hours, with that all a whale needs to do is get high once and then just buy defenders and food, so it makes it worse

    Overall update : E, not an F because of lost and found but the outer realms 4.0 drags it down a lot
  • Frðsty (US1)Frðsty (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    Is the shipwreck look items for a collector´s event, or another ¨Special Offer¨ that takes up a useless spot in my mailbox, which will take an extra click just to realize I have another popup in my mailbox.

    Thanks GGE <3
  • LizGamer (AU1)LizGamer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 75
    I wonder if it is any point in giving feedback....NO ONE listens....This game is so expensive for a game that is supposed to be free.....hahaha....and it is getting more expensive to play....that is not making the game interesting at all....You still have the multi players playing and the ones that are in someways big bullies...no one takes notice any way....
    The outer realm is ridiculous to play and actually think is pointless...the construction items needed for relic items should be obtained through main game play etc...the need for food to survive could be made in a better way...this is ridiculous too the amount of times troops are starved.... most people are not able to play this game 24/7.....

    SO when doing upgrades etc....DO it for the players and not for your pockets....you are all becoming money hungry and miss the joy etc that could come from this game...also make it more understanding the workings of upgrading etc...still can't work out the infusion system...of upgrading decorations etc...I don't have the inclinations or the education needed to understand most of the changes made lately...or for a long time....But know my bank balance has suffered deeply by buying rubies to try and get somewhere decent in this game......please please please review costs and make it more enjoyable for the underdogs in this game
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    lost and found - good, but it better include ALL rewards if over the limit.  On the test server there is no category where I would say time skips go here.

    Everything else except OR:  Whatever

    OR - no matter what you do for the scoring it will be unfair until the first score collection is 24 hrs AFTER the event start, AND the score collecting time changes on a rotating basis to give people who are not in the CET time zone a chance at  prime score collecting time(meaning at the end of the prime playing hours in each time zone), not early am, mid afternoon, etc depending on where you live.
  • blackflames (US1)blackflames (US1) US1 Posts: 169
    edited 27.04.2019
    Good new features from 2019:
    • Encampment upgrades
    • Autofill improvements
    • HTML5 was necessary (putting this in the good category despite setbacks and blurriness)
    Bad new features from 2019:
    • Shapeshifter castellan
    • Royal capital event permanently removed
    • Additions to subscription bonuses
    • Outer realms is completely different but equally pointless every time
    • World map now looks like a carnival with all of these ugly look items (some appearance build items are nice though)
    • New wall space build items for ruby whales make PVP harder
    • The new equipment being teased on the test server seems to indicate all old equipment will be useless, and that no equipment fusion forge is coming (meaning the equipment from the past year or so with the rarity levels is confusing and pointless).
    • Flint was removed from nomads and the samurai have been run less often
    • Relic woodcutter lol
    • Honestly anything that requires construction and upgrade tokens is frustrating since getting those currencies means interacting with OR or KL
    • Kingdoms League just gives more rewards on top of existing events and event mechanics (attack a khan camp to get nomad tablets, rage points, seasonal points, alliance tournament points, kingdom's league points, and maybe even nobility points at the same time)
    • Dethrone was reduced to two possible currencies
    • Foreigners no longer attack (yes the attacks were annoying as is, but you should have made them attack more and harder, imo)
    One last note... I don't think the roadmaps should be published anymore. There was a time (years ago) when communication regarding updates was minimal and it wasn't that bad. Players don't need to be briefed on everything that's coming unless you actually plan to listen to feedback. The monthly update posts are good, but the roadmaps are too much. You promise new features when they are months out and the good or interesting ones almost always get delayed or cancelled. This is typical of the gaming industry, to be fair. But therefore the roadmap breeds more ill-will among the playerbase. Just stick to what you can deliver within a month's time. Roadmap is right now a better way to see what wont be added anytime soon.
    The Relic equipment is not as overpowered as you might think. once you obtain a pretty handful look over the cap stats such as overall troop strength bonus and courtyard. 120 for basic units and 80 court, or overall a max of 200% boost against real players once in the court. there are already coms reaching close to the 140 wall strength or greater and in court its very easy to get a com well over the 200% mark with other bonuses such as high mid and flank. Both mid and flank are capped unlike base equipment. Quick compare down below to show raw performance of a potential relic com and Max tech Master com.

    It has its trade-offs and is more balanced than you believe. It does not have set bonuses but instead greater overall stats to compensate so people can craft custom coms again with the base unique set equipment still being stronger overall. 


    As for a lot of the bad points its true, they have regressed and not listened to fan feedback, no real debate about that. Could argue that i agree with the FI attacks stopped but i believe there should be a choice to call an attack when you want after X hits but thats besides the point lol.

    Relic equipment needs more details about all the stats since i have probably only obtained about 80% of the possibilities so far, mainly missing on the cast side since that equip is more rare or my luck is not the best for cast equip. 

    Putting it into perspective more would be to list the stats of a master com -
    melee/range 110
    court 120

    wall 140
    gate 100
    moat 80
    speed 60
    detect 50
    glory 30
    loot 15
    flank 50

    With an in court strength of 230 increase and a flank bonus of 50, its safe to say the master is still one of the kings even after this releases. relic cant get above 30 flank and no set bonuses.

    • To do a quick compare, only doing a single wave of total units and compare stats to get a raw total difference if in court and no losses on wall. 
    • multiply by 6 to get 6 wave... but remember my calc does NOT includes legend bonuses to keep things fair/balanced, it is pure raw stat comparison
    • Assuming best relic combo... using term best very lightly since there could very well be a stat i have not received that could boost it but there could very well not be at the same time. 
    • This is more to get a point across that relic equipment while strong is not broken... unless you consider the current meta of pvp coms broken
    • Vet units used with a best drop of 12 raw horror increase (as quest was completed the relic drop showed 12 was top for horror power increase, possibly all units, hopefully not since that would skew results for weaker units due to 12 being proportionally higher than a vets base strength stats)
    Raw unit strength totals -
    master ~ range 175, melee 200
    relic ~ range 187, melee 212

    Units on single wave of attack -
    Master ~ range units  192, melee 192
    relic ~ range 166, melee 192

    Overall Strength brought into court (no unit loss on wall):
    master ~ range 110 784, melee 126 720
    relic ~ range 93 126, melee 122 112

    Difference in raw strength/power:
    Master ~ range +17 658 (+18.9% greater), melee +4 608 (+3.77% greater)
    Relic ~ range -17 658 (-15.93% weaker), melee -4 608 (-3.63% weaker)
    (gave percentage weaker from looking at it from both sides, master compared to relic and relic compared to master. Doing single direction comparisons can be misleading as both are correct but often are misused in an attempt to make ones argument stronger.)

    Raw stat comparison, the master will still be a greater com. there are other combos i have seen that would shift even more towards the basic equip but those take either looks or high end gems that for basic user base is not obtainable with ease. These are best case stat drops on relic equipment while master is just buy it and you are good to go. The odds of obtaining best case 3 star stats on everything is going to be very slim, unless gge starts selling them like that.
    Post edited by blackflames (US1) on
  • Breor (US1)Breor (US1) US1 Posts: 244
    If it's the case that this new relic equipment will be weaker than equipment that has been in the game for more than a year, then I'd have to ask what the point is.

    I like the limitations on courtyard and flank space imposed by the relic equipment, but it makes it so much weaker to where nobody will use it.
  • Rahvin (US1)Rahvin (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    Utter crap..  The only good that MAY come out of the updates is the over flow feature for storage..

    As proposed so eloquently several times now,,   WHY ASK FOR REVIEWS/INPUT when no one pays any attention to it ??

    You develop things that you feel will bring more money to your pockets yet have no regards to what your patrons really want..   

  • qwerty111i (US1)qwerty111i (US1) US1 Posts: 54
    edited 27.04.2019
    To be fair the relic woodcutter does add another building to the game that inactive players may use...but I think most people just don't have production buildings at all and just loot.  Takes up less space and is much easier to do.  Also if your inactive I doubt you'll have the necessary construction tokens to build it in the first place...
  • blackflames (US1)blackflames (US1) US1 Posts: 169
    If it's the case that this new relic equipment will be weaker than equipment that has been in the game for more than a year, then I'd have to ask what the point is.

    I like the limitations on courtyard and flank space imposed by the relic equipment, but it makes it so much weaker to where nobody will use it.
    There are new bonuses such as raw production bonus for casts that can increase food production and also market borrows as just 2 of the economic boosts.

    on coms the raw strength increase is very good, especially when mixed with HoL bonuses. Another bonus i had seen was 38% speed boost for mantlets. Having those tools finally sped up helps major amounts to all playing any type of event or hitting towers. 

    As i was stating there are tradeoffs. It can be very comparable to the very top end unique sets but those unique sets dont have additional bonuses. Its like a lot of the equip, in that it is situational. Gives the player more options and tools at their disposal.
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