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Bought by mistake 1k Busy bees

Hello, so today at 19:08 i had a minor issue with the game and by mistake i bought 1000 busy bees for the bee event that is currently runing.
I lost 50k rubyes because of the lag that was happening in the game.
I wrote to support about the problem, but im sure i'll get ignored like always..
Is there any way for those tools to be replaced and to get my rubyes back?
Its not just 5 or 5k rubyes, is 50k... a good amount of rubyes.. 
@Crom Cruach
@BM Fujiwara
Any help?
I understand its easter, and weekend.
Its there any chance to get my rubyes back?

] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

 I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
 To be continued....


  • No. i also  spent maybe more then 200 000 until now, i bought staffs that i no give s facc  and after that sold them for coins. be careful . dont click 2 times , play the game carefully. also i understand that to use rubies is a stupid idea because the game gives you everything free soo dont worry about your 50k. actually you need is only commanders and food in this game 

  • Kage (ASIA1)Kage (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,943

    You do understand that the game lagged and I just bought by mistake 1k bees.. I have no use for them..

    What are you saying totally off topic mate

    ] - asia 1 / Second player on power -   - 2.8m power - Oct. 04. 2019 

     I'm a ghost, but i'm still here.
     To be continued....

  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367
    Customer Support have assured me that you will be refunded. They are working through the weekends tickets now and so it will be a little delayed.
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