Visual Bug or what?

This is ia hit from the bee event currently runing, looking at the raport, my cast does not give the full bonuses of the set.
It's missing 40 cy, and 30 wall.

I don't know if this is a visual bug, and all the bonuses actually  worked... 

Also whats weird, is that in the report i have 563 troops on the wall, going back to main and to defense set-up, i have the same number.
So again, is this just a visual bug that is not showing all the bonuses?
Or the cast works only against real attacks and not events ?

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  • It's not very good for events as a lot of the bonuses are pvp related

  • ciscous (IT1)ciscous (IT1) Posts: 3,804IT1
    shapeshifter castellan don't work on bee's event, I think it's a bug,  I have wrote to support and in this forum in another discussion

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