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How do I end this war?

I'm currently at war with two alliances that have no members. All structures are ruins, almost all accounts are deleted.


  • you cant
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  • This is currently a bug that the team is aware of. In the meantime I'll see if I can get an update on it for you. :)
  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) Posts: 835US1
    edited 14.04.2019
    By "currently", did you mean it has been there for at least in the past 5 Y? Yep, looking forward to get the update in 2040.

    P.S. The 2040 is my most optimistic guess. The fact GGS add more bugs then they fix, don't be upset if it get pushed beyond 2050.
  • mnight (US1)mnight (US1) Posts: 1,430US1
    We sent gge a list of close to 100 alliances on our war list that are the same way... over a year ago. I wouldn't hold your breath that it will be fixed anytime soon.
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