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Server war Reports



  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1

    I'm guessing someone will have a fit about the hits on Turtlesnail as he is under the bird, but we will just let them fret over it ;)

  • 2/17 2/18

  • 2/19 2/20 


  • The best part is Priestley has his HoL set to defense!
    I'm here to make pretty castles and recruit defense.
  • Playya (US1)Playya (US1) Posts: 16US1
    When you double post lolol
    when you use having 5 waves as an excuse for getting cukt but get 6 and still get cukt lolol

    what have you done

  • please stick to rules there's only 3 of them our discussion thread got shut down so let's just talk with reports people come here to see how the wars going let's show them. Nobody wants to hear you talk about it here

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