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Looking for an Alliance(For a Friend)

Hi so my friend, who shall remain unnamed(but for the sake of discussion I'll call him Jimmy) is looking to leave his alliance because of these bullies that forced him to bird, eliminating his ability to event. Now this is very unfair to Jimmy as it causes him to fall behind in events such as the kingdom's league. Jimmy is looking to move from his current event alliance to one that is not currently getting beat senseless. Brewer...uh I mean Jimmy... has 1.1million power points and would love to make your alliance his new place to event. 
Requirements for him to join: PVP cannot be allowed at any cost as this could lead to war, which may make people attack him which is NOT NICE. It would also be nice if you had room for his friend (let's call him coyoter) who also wants to play events but not PVP.
Benefits of Jimmy: Ummmmm...eggs, feathers, hollow bones(for weight reduction of course)...also salt water which he has the uncanny ability to produce from his eyes whenever he is hit.

Overall a great add to any alliance, please send any messages of interest to me and I will make sure to let JB...crap...I mean Jimmy know. 
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  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) Posts: 604US1

    I'm sure Eventers R Us will LOVE 'Jimmy'

    BTW How the heck do you know 'Jimmy' in the first place? As I don't think you travel in the same circles.
  • Sorth121 (US1)Sorth121 (US1) Posts: 173US1
    Well I can't see how you would think that as you don't even know who Jimmy is.

    On another note, I have already heard back from one prospective PVP free alliance who is interested in recruiting Jimmy, if you would like to offer your alliance as his new home be sure to message me quick so he can consider you. 

    First offer(Name not included for privacy):

    Hopeful for more soon!
    MUFU Member

  • Ole Havardur would be a great Alliance for you!!!
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