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Discussion Thread: Roadmap for Q2



  • planeta - (PT1)planeta - (PT1) PT1 Posts: 90
    All this time waiting for nothing. By the looks, nothing relevant going to be done next quarter. Hope GGE actualy gives compensation of the tools and royal coins, just as the alliances resources.
  • EU.Street_Dog (INT2)EU.Street_Dog (INT2) INT2 Posts: 264
    edited 29.03.2019
    personally for me 32 commanders was super, i like also others new things.

     i want to say only one thing - please add all building tokens, villige tokens  and all new staffs in the shop so we could buy them for a normal price in rubies or make option to up buildings for rubies because most of us work and no time to play 
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,063
    Bro i can find better developers that aren't even in 12th grade lmfao
    I think the bigger issues is not the one who programm it but who come up with it and think it is a good idea

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • ciscous (IT1)ciscous (IT1) IT1 Posts: 4,166
    i want to say only one thing - please add all building tokens, villige tokens  and all new staffs in the shop so we could buy them for a normal price in rubies or make option to up buildings for rubies because most of us work and no time to play 
    no... not so simple! GGS want that you spend money and time to play a boring/unpleasant event  :D

    I don't agree with you and also with GGS

    The game need balance and fun, once time ago was so but now every day we lose the desire to play

  • Stevemass (GB1)Stevemass (GB1) GB1 Posts: 304
    edited 01.04.2019

    What’s planned for Q2:

    • Additional Outer Realms scoring mechanics
      Following on from feedback from our players and looking at just how popular the Outer Realms have proven we will be focusing on bringing some new mechanics to the game.
    • Additional Relic Buildings (Outer Realms + Kingdom’s League)
      We’re going to add some new Relic Buildings to the current roster which currently contains our Relic Greenhouse, in order to provide you with more interesting options to have fun with.
    • Additional Outer Realms Global Effects
      New effects will include food consumption reduction. attack boost for units and a recruitment speed boost.

    Load of butterflies 
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  • stellos 2 (PT1)stellos 2 (PT1) PT1 Posts: 36
    edited 01.04.2019
    rubies, rubies, rubies, that's all I read in ggs' plans for Q2 kkkkkk

    as long as the players spend money in engaging events, they will insist in more events - it's called "easy money"

    that's fine for me, easy choice kkkk
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    stellos 2 @ pt 1
  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    you better change the metro and capital bonuses

  • EET (CZ1)EET (CZ1) CZ1 Posts: 365
    edited 30.03.2019
    Here's my thoughts of the royal capital event being removed: I never got a chance to really see it in action, but I WILL say that for them to have promised it would be back in 2019 was wrong, and what they SHOULD have said then was the following: "We are attempting to try to bring this beloved event back into our game, but there may be a good chance that we may have to remove it entirely, and if this ends up being the case, we will compensate players and will try to give you a heads up in advance if the project isn't going very well."

    THAT is what they should have said from the beginning. Thoughts, anyone?
    They were talking about bringing them back for more than one year.. I think that it wasn't planned to bring them back from the whole start, but they couldn't keep it as secret forever so they came up with the truth..  or does anybody really think that they've been working on it for the whole year and then found out that they can't repair it? ;)
  • bernhardt (US1)bernhardt (US1) US1 Posts: 978
    @Philt123 (GB1)  Spot on.

    I have always wondered what GGS considers 'testing'  and 'listening' since they certainly don't use my definitions. 

    Well, I suppose they might listen, but ignore most of what they're hearing.  If that's the case, don't make a big deal out of listening to the feedback as if you're actually responding to what the majority of the feedback is saying.  This Q2 plan does just the opposite.  

    Testing?  What testing?  Playing in a sandbox where everybody has everything is not testing for anything other than to see if the mechanics actually sort of work as programmed.  It does not measure playability, balance or give a real sense of ruby cost for the average player.  If you(GGE) have been working on the alliance tourney it should have shown up on the test server at some point.  Oh, wait, it didn't, and wouldn't have mattered if it did, since all feedback there is totally ignored.

    GGS, please do the following instantly:  Stop being delusional and stop lying to the players/customers.  Barring that, just close the game down now - it'll make one sweet write off on the bottom line resulting a nice big bonus for the executives.

    @BM Fujiwara
    I fear your prediction of spending a long weekend of collating negative feedback that rips GGE a new one is going to be true. 

    I also wonder if GGS knows that the same person buying rubies across multiple accounts(say 5) on the same or different servers is not 5 unique customers.  I suggest that they look at unique customer numbers to determine the health of the game:  If the unique customer numbers are going down, the game is going down(long term) regardless of what the short term revenue numbers might suggest.
  • If Berrimond not going to be around in green then need to do something about King's Quest final gallantry point quest.
  • DK Banana (GB1)DK Banana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 84
    Strangely, I kind of like the Outer Realms event. It does need some adaptation time, as it keeps chaning (no bad thing in itself, due to the sameness of the rest of the game) and it was annoying to find out last time that as soon as you arrived you got attacked by NPC and players. So a few days to find your feet, given that it was 110% brand new and based entirely on attack and not build.

    Nevertheless there are several good sides to the event. One is you can hook up with players from other servers. That is fun. The lack of popularity of the event (given it is world-wide) means that is is relativley easy to get decent rewards while trawling the depths of the memory banks to figure how to make a low level castle work well, within whatever the constraints of the event are. The fact that it is different each time, provides a challenge to figure the parameters.

    The bad side is you can get stuffed, due to the disparity in power, with the power balance well off IMO last time.

  • Wasso (INT3)Wasso (INT3) INT3 Posts: 3,332
    Well, at least the new CM is being kept in line by the "more seasoned" BM...…….

    Good night.
    Sleep well.
    I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

  • Good compensation for RC pieces, coins and such would be construction and upgrade tokens for the players.

  • lol cancelling the rc event when it was requested to be brought back into the game. we listen to players my ass.
    all you guys are doing is ruining the game, update by update
    keep it up, proud of you guys xD

    Shadow Slayer @ in 1
  • The second quarter roadmap for the game is now released. I know many of you will be super sad about the announcement on the Royal Capital event, but the idea is it will be replaced with something of similar alliance interest and better mechanics, so keep your eyes peeled for further new announced events!

    To pre-empt questions about Daimyo's, no we can't let on yet what exactly they will be, but you can always research where Daimyo's come from, look at what was added to the nomad event, and come up with your own educated guesses.

    Beyond that, all your comments, feedback, suggestions, hate mail, love letters and other contributions gratefully appreciated, and as always the more constructive they are the better! :)

    Happy hunting to all you Lords, Ladies and other fine warriors,
    - Your Empire team
    Hej, I believe you should make it more easier to loot coins in outer realms even if you haven´t opened any outer kindoms. Coins shortage is the main problem to us who have less time to play in outer realms. Leveling up robber barrons in great kindom is very slow and keeps you out of the actual idea of outer realms. 

    I propose that you add alliance achivment points based rewards to storm islands. That would create action there. And no going up relic greenhouse limit in the castles so gap between weaker and stronger alliances won´t grow. First bigger alliances fill their shortages of relic greenhouses and then there needs to be possibility to lower alliance to carry on there. 
  • Jon Snow5 (INT3)Jon Snow5 (INT3) Posts: 22
    edited 01.04.2019
    Never got to play with Royal Capitals so i cant comment on it, but it seemed like something interesting to do aside from the norm, so its a shame to remove it from the game.

    while i love the idea of more buildings, if you are going to add more token buildings, increase the obtainment method of tokens. as it stands you already have to wait for 3 nobility quests just to build 1 greenhouse, and 4-5 for barracks, and so far the nobility challenge that grants them has come 1 time in 2 months, since Inter3 cant play outer realms.

    and just your daily reminder, BRING EVENTS TO Int3!!! The server isnt progressing and end game players are leaving because of it. Events grow the lower tier player base and give the endgame base something to do. i am keeping a spreadsheet and updating it weekly, tracking is at week 3. the number of players while slowly rising, the number of players quitting is the same rate/increasing. Abandon the "PVP only" idea or the endgame players that buy your rubies will leave, and you will be left with a handful of players that chuck $20 at you and quit every week cause thier bored.
    marinerecon1 @ usa 1
  • george97 (AU1)george97 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 6
    Bro i can find better developers that aren't even in 12th grade lmfao
    I think the bigger issues is not the one who programm it but who come up with it and think it is a good idea
    how come you's still got this pic mate ,you haven't been in Blacksmiths for a long time
  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367

    What to do with our 500k royal coints?....

    What to do with our 70k premium royal coin cases?....

    I will need compensation for it Goodgame empire......!!!!

    We will indeed be providing appropriate compensation as soon as possible.
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  • Crom CruachCrom Cruach Community Manager Posts: 1,367
    Well, at least the new CM is being kept in line by the "more seasoned" BM...…….
    Its most likely due to the use of the Queen's english rather than the usual standard here. Keep up the good work Fuji! 
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