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Last story 2019 and First story 2020

David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
edited 02.01.2019 in Goodgame Empire - Art/Lore
Has similarities to the "Last Comment" game which the time zone for the winner will be based on Great Britain which comes five hours before U.S. Eastern time that is my time zone and one hour after Germany, but somewhat more difficult (since you need more than one sentence) and some differences as well. Number 1, there will be two winners in this game instead of one winner which includes the last story for 2019 for the first winner and the first one to make a story for 2020 after midnight being the second winner which anything after that is pretty much end game here in the "Creative Corner". Number 2, to make a story that means comments need to be at least a paragraph long (3 sentences) or more which anything less than three sentences does not count as a "story", but you are also allowed to say if you are winning or not as well just like the Last Comment game. Some additional things that I would like to point out are if you make a story you have to wait until someone else makes a new story or after someone else continues the story before you decide to continue a story or start another story, please use English language when making stories here,  and you have two options which are to continue a story or if you do not like the story, the story gets too confusing, or you just simply want the story to end you can start a new one.
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  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 01.01.2019
    I will begin. Once upon a time there was a brave knight who went out to slay a dragon. But, the dragon killed the brave knight and killed his son as well when he grew up to slay the dragon. This went on for hundreds of years, but to no avail since no man was able to slay him. The old dragon was now a few hundred years old, but still in great shape despite his battle scars. Now, there was this brave woman who defied the odds and slayed the dragon which no man was able to successfully slay the dragon. But, a cultist who became friends with the dragon became enraged when his dragon friend was slain and wanted to know who was responsible. He had an army of his own along with spies searching for whoever it was that responsible for killing his dragon friend.

    Looks like I am winning for now. But, by all means we could use more creativity here as well. Who is next?
  • Thanos (US1)Thanos (US1) US1 Posts: 25
    So the Cultist searched throughout the kingdoms for the person responsible for slaying his dragon friend. His spies, which were many, checked in every few days but was coming up short of good intel. For some strange reason, the person that slayed the dragon was being protected.  Seemed everyone was very afraid to talk about it.... And so days turned to months which turned to years and eventually the cultist died of old age. And so decades later there was a young lad who just happened to be related to the cultist came across some old pages he found in an old tattered notebook. It was a very interesting story told about the cultists adventures with his dragon friend who was slain and the culprit was never caught. So............
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 09.03.2019
    So this young lad just so happened to be the cultist's great nephew and currently on his 20th birthday when discovering the old pages had a grandmother that was the cultist's older sister who had a son and she later on passed away from old age as well like her younger brother. This son was the father of the lad, but the boy was not even one years old when his father left his wife during a hunting trip and never returned back home not knowing what happened to him and why he never returned back or even knowing if he was still alive or not which the boy's mother swore never to get married again after her husband's mysterious disappearance, unless if he was found again and finding out why he left and never came back. Now the woman who slayed the dragon decades ago was only in her early 20's at the time of slaying the dragon was now assumed dead, but when the lad found out the truth about this dragon's friendship with his great uncle he wanted to know who the killer was. Instead of looking for human witnesses the young man bravely searched dragon caves for answers until he came across a dragon who he became friends with after years of searching and just so happened to know about the dragon who was slain that also just so happened to the be dragon's father and even the who the person was that had slain the dragon. This dragon even knew where the woman was hiding which he was afraid to confront her, but never told anyone until he spoke with this young lad, because this young man was the first one to ever find his secret cave.
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