Lag after the switch to HTML5. Visual options are missing. GGE ?

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I am currently in the HTML5 version, on empire.
And my account graphics are .. i guess on high, wanted to switch to medium or low, because i have a lot of lag on the high quality...
How can i play on my account when the game is set on high quality... 
Not all players have good computers to run the high quality, or animations on...
But the graphics are missing from the options. 

The game has a lot of lag.
How am i supposed to play on my account? GGE !?
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    The visual quality is much worse on HTML5 than what it was in the flash version. 
    Screen is still blurry as it was in the beta version. Are anyone else experiencing the same issues or is it just me?

    Here is a comparison of the visual quality Flash vs HTML5.

    I'm running Google chrome 
    Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official version) (64 bit)

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) Posts: 2,713GB1

    Zooming out on the first image and you see the differences in sharpness a bit clearer. 

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

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    Even reports are hard to read


    Would have thought that they will fix the blurry part of html5.
  • Brian888 (US1)Brian888 (US1) Posts: 89US1
    Turns out folks GGE's html5 failed miserably.
    The original goodgame studios link directed me to html5 and it is loading forever with a 4%load from an hour.
    When will GGE do everything properly???
    Please fix this so that we can play Samurai Invasion which is given to us once in a month.
  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) Posts: 2,713GB1
    Could we get the flash version back please until all the issues are resolved?
    I think it was wrong of the developers to immidiately replace the flash version with HTML5 without collecting feedback from the players making sure everything works first. 

    Make both of these versions run parallel to each other like in the beta, this HTML5 version is far from ready yet. 

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    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • Goselotje (NL1)Goselotje (NL1) Posts: 290NL1
    Since the HTML5 it is no longer possible to log in the game.
    It is loading until 70% maximum and that's it.

    I have tried Chrome and Firefox.
    Puffin is also not working.

    This concerns the spilgame server 
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  • hi every1,

    hows u

    im trying to access my GE from my mobile device using the puffin browser seems i am having the same issue too.
    the old flash version that worked this way too also doesnt work

    please advise ASAP, i have also contacted suport, since i dont want my troopies to desert.
    xoxoxo Nix xoxoxo
    PowerfullyNix @ au 1
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    well with regard to the blurring issues they knew about these from the beta test last time, so obviously not addressed the issue.
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  • same here :(
  • yep, I used to play PC but now am stuck on mobile, can't access full screen and without full screen this game will be impossible :disappointed:
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    otherwise you will run to hard on samu :)
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  • Once again Terrible, guess you can expect it. Figure it out before you implement it!
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  • I upgraded my google chrome and still is jerky, slow and froze again
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    I have merged the last couple threads all regarding the recent HTML issues. GGE is working on a fix as soon as possible, apologies for the inconvenience.


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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! The graphics issue is something everyone is aware of and looking into.

    In order to keep all the reports consolidated we'd like to ask you post your feedback under the official discussion:

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