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It has been several weeks, it bugs comes and go. It can go away for days, but when it is occurring, it removes 3-4 spy reports in very short time period. Normally occurs in Nomad Camps, but it happened also during FI/BC.

It has not been occurring over a week now, but then suddenly today occurs 2x. It removes 3 spy reports, then a few hours later it removes another 3 reports.

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    GGS's 1200+ employees are too busy watching anime and eating hotpockets atm. They might get back to you on that one

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    I thought they made a "bug hunting" thread a few months ago asking for people to submit videos of the disappearing spy report bug. What happened with that? I thought they had more than enough material to work with in order to fix the issue. 

    @Rainbow Brite

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

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    Its been going on literally years now
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  • The profanity wasn't really needed, it didn't further validate your point or make it sound anymore urgent.

    I believe this is an issue that's currently posted on one of our bug threads for the QA Bugwatch team to review.

    As far as I know, they are currently looking into it and once they have an update we'll let everyone know. :)
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