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Everything This Game Needs/Doesn't

Oblivious (US1)Oblivious (US1) US1 Posts: 89
Please critique me if any of these are bs

.Get rid of subscriptions
.Increase availabilty of time skips
.One SINGLE english server
.Reseting metros and capitals
.Heavier bans on using alts and password sharing
.Server chat boxes
.Only one ruby offer with arrow keys next to it (tired of adjusting my screen so i don't click one)
.Updates on alliance notice board you shouldn't have alliances resorting to using 3rd party websites like discord to stay organized
.A public alliance chat box
.Ability to see alliance ranking in every current event from their overview
.Faster customer service
.More appealing ruby offers instead of just shoving dozens of shitty ones at us tip: gets you more money
.Better graphics theres no reason why the ruby offers graphic are better than the actual game are your artists just sitiing around drawing ruby deals all day?
.Larger servers, the main reason why alliances like KON had 1000 members is mainly because the servers are so small.
.Forums is located in main site its annoying to have to pull up a seapret tab just to get help on something.
.Constant ally tourney that resets every week and bans on alliances that are caught cheating by massing allies(as in pacts and NAA's) etc
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  • _R11G_ (US1)_R11G_ (US1) US1 Posts: 76
    Good wishlist, but:
    • Subscriptions = $$
    • Metros and capitals would just return to the same hands
    • It's hard to find alts and account sharing
    • Discord is just better than anything that GGS could implement into the notice board
    • How is massing an alliance cheating in any way?
    To sum this up: GGS is here for your money. They want your money and they don't care how.
  • Oblivious (US1)Oblivious (US1) US1 Posts: 89
    • How is massing an alliance cheating in any way?
    Allies as in pacts naas etc should have stated that more prominently.
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