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Attack speed

Hi! i was thinking about army travel speeds, and I was wondering what the speeds meant, so i developed my theory:
1: The troops and tools travel speeds are per hour (i.e. a troop with 70 speed travels 70 clicks in an hour)
2: When stationing or attacking, the troops and tools speed is calculated into an average, and that in turn is used to calculate the travel time.
There are also travel speed effects from the equipment used, and capture attack speeds  (like outposts) are always slow.
Correct me if I'm wrong. ;)


  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) GB1 Posts: 352
    edited 17.01.2019
    You could be right that the BASE troop and tools speeds are in clicks per hour but think its quite approximate - you need to factor out the speed bonus of the commander and any rank bonus (the threats/cajoling  of commander to keep moving fast.and inspiration of glorious CiC!!!...)

    Not sure its average of unit speeds - think they move at the speed of the slowest unit that determines how fast the army gets there... with speed bonus for stables and rocks to make troops move artificially slowly.... (but racehorses making a rock move faster seems a perverse physical effect, surely you'd need slower shire-horses.......)

    Not just capture attacks (Very slow!) but a player and an RB the same distance away take different times even if all other variables are the same.... other event npc have different times even if apparently in same position on map....

    A Hunter attack on a player is always much less that the normal attack and far less dependent of physical distance......

    So not sure "speed" as a variable means the same thing in game physics as in Newtonian physics.... much more relativity going on.....

  • i think u are correct, i never gotten the speed thingy honestly


  • Yes, PJH is correct. It is not the average, it is the slowest troop or tool. That is why you can purchase ballast and heavy ballast tools in the armorer, which slow down your armies instead of having to spend 200 rubies to slow down. 
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  • Galiaus (US1)Galiaus (US1) US1 Posts: 120
    ahh. ok.

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