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Next time...

This month i came under 20 points short of the yeoman of the gingerbread guard....
any tips?


  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
    This month i came under 20 points short of the yeoman of the gingerbread guard....
    any tips?

    yes, next event, get the last 20 points

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • PJH_ (GB1)PJH_ (GB1) GB1 Posts: 352
    OR realise earlier you aren't going to make it and save the tools/troops/time till the next cycle when it comes around again...and again...and again...
  • at beginning, calculate how many points u need for com and how many days. example our cast needed 1250 points and we had 30 days, so 1250/30-41.66 or 42. every day strive for 42 season points and try extra on nomads and samurai to take a day off by getting 84. then u will get it next time


  • I don't know. I save up tools and troops before the event starts. And, do it in one sitting in a 12 to 24 hour period. And, I either walk away or go for the top 100 be continuing to hit all month to stay in the top 100. It's all about using your boosters to get the job done and using it to your full extent. Red Bull or RockStars Coffee and Food help keep you awake. Move around whenever you get the chance to stay somewhat active. 

    It is most important to be sending the most attacks you can send at one time. For example in the Nomads/ Samurai's I can send 15+ hits running a train with time skips. For the Blood Crows it's important to save up banners. Build red banners in Storm Island all month long in the tool builder. And, Use your nomad tokens for Horse Tail Standards. Also it doesn't hurt to have token boxes to make sure you are getting the max points per hit in the nomads/ sami's. Remember to only spend 950 tokens at a time on your items if you can unless you are buying equipment piece that is. 

    All the advice I have for you. Hit often, make as many hits as you can in over and over. And, use bonus banners and token boxes to receive the max points and try not to use more than you need. 3 token boxes a hit makes every hit worth a min of 75 tokens. 

    Good Luck.

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