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What is GGe's responsibility for players who abuse the ethical rules in the most cruel way

How far can a player go with rough expression in their language against the fair play player especially when they are senior + players and have played the game for more than 6 ears.
It does not seem that you can easily get help from GGe who does not have Google translator. What remains is to accept and leave the game for good. Or is there anyone who can give good advice to stop a malicious stalker.
Ragnwald @ skn 1


  • Lord Elvin (AU1)Lord Elvin (AU1) AU1 Posts: 199
    edited 26.01.2019
    A. Not sure exactly what you mean, do you mean they are using offensive language in their messages or threats? or generally being douchy? &

    B. I am not sure how long I have been playing in ears would you happen to have a conversion table or some sort of formula?

    ...especially when they are senior + players and have played the game for more than 6 ears...
    - Lord Elvin, Loyal Deputy of Metal, Loyal Player of This Game Which Continues to Show it's Disloyalty to us
  • This player uses a language that is by no means civilized and he mocks and threatens other players so that you finally think that it is better to stop playing yourself. He has been reported to GGe earlier but no action by GGe
    Ragnwald @ skn 1
  • The Writer (US1)The Writer (US1) US1 Posts: 220
    edited 26.01.2019
    sorry to hear that is happening to you, but making more than on thread on the subject isn't helping matters. one thread is enough, no need to make multiple threads about the same topic.  And on the original topic....If he's sending messages in your inbox, then you can place him on ignore. if he's a member of your alliance, then boot him and close your alliance so he can't just rejoin again and again.

    Just some advice, but since you have reported him already, then the best thing for you to do now is to put him on ignore and tell others in your alliance to do the same if he is harassing them, too.
    Currently active on: Asia (level 70 LLvl 125)  Co-Leader of "The Pegasus Wolves" alliance
    USA (level 70 LLvl 60) 
    Yes, I LIKE this game. Yes, I'm serious. I will Defend GGE when I feel they are being given unnecessary criticism.
    Yes, I will continue to state my opinions bluntly...
    How about we all work to keep this game alive INSTEAD of calling them to shut it all down with our whining and complaining?

  • Thanks to everyone who reads and gives good advice. It gives hope that it can give us the strength to continue playing the Empire
    Ragnwald @ skn 1

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