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The golden army Recruiting page Australia 1

Message Thatother_bloke or OutcastLeague to join,

We are a small alliance looking for new memebers to grow on the Australia server 
 The Golden Army is a growing alliance dedicated to teamwork. We encourage commitment to the game and support each other in progressing as much as possible. First and foremost, we are a peaceful alliance and our members are here to enjoy the game.

We do not attack players 5 levels below our own or engage in mass attacks/sabotage. We expect the same from other players.

Members are asked to make occasional donations to the alliance funds, support other members whenever possible and strive for peaceful relations with other alliances.

To join you must be level 15 or over. This limit is imposed to prevent our alliance capacity from filling up as joining does not currently require approval. We will allow exceptions if an active player 

Join today and become a Golden Knight!
warlord2795 @ en 1


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