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Januar Update - Follow up (Bug Fix Info)

Brave Warriors,

With today's update, you can experience all the new features and events that have been announced in the last couple of weeks. We hope you will enjoy it! Unfortunately, we also discovered an issue that came with this update and we want to give you a quick follow up on it.

The announced food bonus for subscriptions should only works in your main castle in the Great Empire. Currently, that is not the case, the bonus counts also for all your outposts, which is not intended! We will fix this with another bugfix update coming soon, a short server downtime will be required for this. More info on this will follow soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Your Empire Family


  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201Moderator
    in few minutes there is going to be a *short downtime* on those two servers to fix the problem with the Bloodcrow Invasion event. After short maintenance Bloodcrow event should work as intended also on US1
  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201Moderator
    US servers should be back again and work perfectly , please inform me if you guys have some issues.
  • BM QueenBBM QueenB Posts: 201Moderator
    Dear Players :
    Please kindly note that bugfix update will happen tomorrow between 9:00 and 11:00 CET. 

    Our Empire Team is currently working on a hotfix to get rid of following bugs:

    - Quest book - The outer realms start quest blocks quest book if initial dialogue is opened in any kingdom besides green kingdom
    - Quest book - The Queen's Defense quest introductory text can't be skipped in other kingdoms
    - Alliance Alien Invasion - Fortified alien castles do not seem to have an "equipment cap" for their bonuses
    - Season League - Next title bar doesn't display the preview filling if it reaches the maximum points to rank up

    A downtime is needed for this, probably ~30 minutes, less or more. food and booster will be frozen as always.
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