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January Update Notes

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edited 16.01.2019 in Update Announcements

Brave Warriors,

It is time for the very first content update of 2019! We kick off with the previously announced Kingdom’s League, which will run from January 22nd until February 5th! We are very excited about it, but of course, that’s not all this update has to offer. Let’s take a look at what’s in store with this month’s update:

Tool types & improved autofill

  • Several tool types have been created, such as basic , premium , elite , event  and combo .
  • These have been added to help differentiate and organize tools used by the autofill feature.

  • These new tool types are visible on the tool info popup.

  • The autofill in the attack screen has new filtering optionswhich now allow you to search by tool types.

  • For example, you can now search for basic tools only (produced with wood and stone in the defensive workshop). All other tool types will be ignored and not used by the autofill.

  • You will also have the option to enable and disable flanks for the autofill. We have even  introduced a new color scheme to help you navigate:

    • Left flank = blue

    • Front = red

    • Right flank = yellow

  • A button to clear the currently selected wave has also been added.

  • Autofills can be done separately for each wave, or for all waves at once and will always try to use all available units and tools to achieve maximum attack power (depending on your settings).

  • Overall, this will make your attack preparations easier and quicker.


Improved equipment filtering

  • In addition to the new attack settings, you might have noticed the new filter system for your equipment and gems, which has been prematurely implemented in our previous update. Thus, we want to provide a bit more info on this.

  • A new rarity filter and search function will help you find the perfect fit for your commanders and castellans.

  • You can filter equipment items belonging to sets your commander and castellans have currently equipped.

  • Gems can be filtered by level range and rarity.

  • The search function can be used in various ways. For example, to search for specific set or item names, items with a specific effect or value, etc. Give it a try! Organizing has never been easier!


New subscription bonus

  • Subscription type #2 will get a  food storage bonus!
  • This will increase the food storage in your main castle in the Great Empire by 50,000.
  • Existing subscribers for this subscription will unlock the bonus immediately with this update.


New appearance items

  • 4 new appearance construction items will make their way into the game (available through offers for now)

    • Winter stonemason
    • Winter flour mill
    • Tree village defense workshop
    • Mountain goat tavern

  • 1 new look item for the castellan (available in the armorer)
    • Smolder (no gem slot)

Other Changes

  • The Foreign/Bloodcrow castle lords will no longer attack you from now on. This more passive behavior will enable warriors to focus more on their current battlefields.
  • The costs of some existing appearance items at the armorer have been decreased!

The plan is to release this update on January 22nd. We will start with the update procedure early in the morning between 9:00 CET and 13:00 CET. The downtime is expected to be around 30-60 minutes long. Of course, food consumption and booster times will be frozen during the longer downtime. But as always, do not take these times as guaranteed, as delays due to unforeseen circumstances can occur. We would love to read your feedback HERE!

Your Empire Family

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