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How to play Good Game Empire:

                First off, we all start the game with bunch of exciting quests and a lot of buildings to play around. However, we always face the challenging question, how to play the game right, what to do and what not to? This guide will try to help new players and even those experienced ones who struggle with the game and will provide a helping hand.

                Before starting our journey, lets split up our adventure into milestones. Those being:

  • ·         Lvl 1 – Lvl 20
  • ·         Lvl 20 – Lvl 30
  • ·         Lvl 30 – Lvl 60
  • ·         Lvl 60 – Lvl 70
  • ·         Lvl 70 – Legendary lvl 800

Lvl 1 to Lvl 20

                This are the levels where you will the basics of the game, how to recruit, make tools, attack NPC castles. However, approach to these starting levels may predefine your future game experience, so prepare and read this part very careful. Once you start game, the game throws on you a bunch of stuff that you really don’t need if you don’t want to struggle afterwards. First thing that you must be paying attention to is Robber Baron Castles(RBC) around your castle, these are you main source of resources, coins and rubies(the most valuable currency in the game).


                Resources, well I don’t need to explain you why those are needed. Rubies are used to upgrade premium buildings, coins are usually used to recruit troops or to send attacks.

                If you want this guide to be effective please go and start upping your RBC’s as much as you can. The higher goes the lvl of these castles the more resources and rubies you will get.

                You will notice that game wants you to build ton of buildings and stuff so that you gain experience and lvl up. My personal advice is never do this if you want to get a comfortable game experience (of course if you want, head up, but you will understand why I say so when you reach lvl 40ish or so). Your main source of grinding experience must be RBC’s and samurai/nomad camps about which I will speak in section below. The ideal setup for your main castle must look like this,


                Your farms, decoration items that boost your production, buildings such as barracks, taverns, stables bakery, and etc. and nothing else. Any building besides the ones you really need is waste of castle space.

So, this is the list of most important buildings that are must to have in your main castle:



                Main Castle (of course you cant eliminate this building)

                Storehouse, Barracks, Estate, 3 taverns

                Research Tower

                Watchtower (Don’t build watchtower yet)

                8 farms




                However, most of the interesting stuff don’t come up till lvl 10, so progress till there as you whish but then start focusing only on buildings you need not the ones you need to build for experience. Once you hit lvl 10 delete all wasteful buildings, you can hold those wood and stone production buildings, but as you progress in game more and more you will find them to be useless. One note, DWELLINS are the worst buildings to build, they consume Public order and give you population, the more population you have the more you can get coins, but we will see that we get enough from RBC and samurai/nomad events.

                Public order – go to official wiki and read http://goodgameempire.wikia.com/wiki/Public_order, public order is generated from decorations and is “consumed” by dwellings. This is the reason you don’t want to build ANY dwellings.

                Everything else in main castle is irrelevant (besides some of the buildings you will need after lvl 70, about that later). By now you should have noticed that stables after lvl 2-3 and bakery need unique currency to build them. Of course, you can head up and empty your credit card for those juicy upgrades, but wait a minute finish reading. Bakery gives a reduction on food that your troops eat(very useful building) and stables makes all your troops to move faster. Full stables upgrade will cost you around 21000 rubies and bakery will cost you 65500 rubies, however there are sometimes offers running that give 50% discount on those buildings and I highly advice you to wait till those offers come, this will reduce the cost a lot, do the calculations yourself.

                Collecting rubies is not an easy process but is not hard either. I already told you to start attacking RBC’s, this will bring you rubies but not much at low lvls. Here come the events with helping hand. Now you must be interested what are those beautiful Samurai/Nomad camps, or who are there Foreign Invaders/Blood crows. Well, these are very useful events to collect a fairly solid starting gear and resources. Lets split these events to two sections, the glory events and farming events. Glory events will generate you glory(it can be found on upper left corner of the screen), these glory will give you good title bonuses, however the most important part is ruby rewards. Before Lvl 20, rank 20 and rank 1 for these events will give you rubies as reward, and this will be very handy for future stables and bakery upgrades. While the event progression itself will give you rewards like troops and tools.

                Glory events will give you glory for hitting castles, as well as will give you a special pvp set, I recommend getting 2 of these sets. However, you can get 1-2 set pieces per event so be careful.

                Armor of Foreign Warlord with full courtyard gems- http://prntscr.com/m9oaj3

                Armor of Foreign Warlord with full flank gems - http://prntscr.com/m9oasp

                These sets are very customizable, that is why I recommend getting one with full courtyard gems and one with full flank gems. You can find out in your own how gems work. These gem setups will give you many possibilities to customize them afterwards, so try to get them.

                Events like Samurai/Nomad are similar to this, but instead of attacking castles you attack camps and landing time is much less. These events have vendor shops and you may find out juicy rewards there, but don’t rush and spend your hard-earned currency in these shops. Nomad shop has many stuff, but you must focus only on the few ones. Son of the North and Armor of the Eastern Raiders, are those ones you must be focusing from start. It might be tough to get them but you must get Son of the North first and then finish Armor of the Eastern Raiders, don’t try to rush, because it will cost you a lot of time to get them, as you progress tablet rewards will increase as well. The reason I didn’t tell you to buy the Khan Dorgo set, is that you will get tis set pieces in Nomad event rewards, and as bonus they come +20 teched.

                               Son of the North - http://prntscr.com/m9n4ak

                               Armor of the Eastern Raiders - http://prntscr.com/m9o2sq

                Try to get 2 Son of the North sets, one with full courtyard gems and one with full flank gems. It will come handy when you start defending. Different attacks need different setup, so that’s up to you.

                Just one more notice all equipment has lvls that must be teched and usually cost up to 15 million coins for set, my personal advice would be don’t waste any coins for teching equipment unlit lvl 30+, after that you can start slowly teching equipment to +10 maximum, this will cost you around 500k coins. The second farming event is Samurai. This event also has good sets for sale, but on contrary to nomads you can get its castellan set as part of Samurai event rewards, also +20 teched, so don’t bother buying it. The commander one is not worth buying at all, so ignore it. If you want to build some custom set I would advice getting weapon and artifact of that commander.

                                 Equipment of the Immortal - http://prntscr.com/m9o51z

                                 Equipment of the Demon - http://prntscr.com/m9o5ft (sorry the set is partially completed, because I never would                                                                                          complete it, the set is just not worth the tokens)

Note it will take you minimum 2 Nomad or Samurai events to complete commander/castellan rewards!!!!!

                There is one more interesting event that runs for a full month, and there is usually an active one, so go checkout the rewards. The event is called Long Term Point Event or short LTPE. These LTPE events give bunch of very good stuff and are very essential. You can find there a lot of useful rewards, those being troops and tools but most importantly they give commander or castellan sets. By now you must have noticed that beautiful building called encampment and inventory slot full of empty commander and castellans. There are two ways to get those commanders/castellans, either to buy them in equipment trader (you can find him at the bottom of your castle), or you can earn them in LTPE and other events. To be true all equipment is very overpriced in equipment trader and is not worth buying at all, some of them may be worth under 85% discount. Back to our LTPE, if you look at reward list you will notice that it gives pieces of a PVP, NPC commander or a castellan, if you finish the LTPE you will get the full set, it is always recommended to finish the set, as unfinished one may not be very useful. The best thing is when LTPE offers NPC commander, this is the best offer you can get, because 50% of the game is about attacking NPC targets.

                Some LTPE lvl 10 rewards:

                                                Guardian -- http://prntscr.com/m9n2un

Final notes:

                Spend rubies first on bakery upgrades up to LVL 4, then put rubies to upgrade stables to lvl 3. Afterwards bakery to lvl 8, you really don’t need to upgrade any ruby buildings besides those. Only watchtower after 70, about that later.

                Try to finish one Invader, Drogo and Samurai Castellan set during events before going to lvl 20-30 section.

                You will get a lot of loot from attacking camps and RBC, make sure you keep commanders with NPC ranged bonus and high courtyard bonus.


                Never try to get rank 1 in events, it will either force you to get a lot of experience(it will make you progress faster) and will force you to deplete your resources.

                You must try to keep low level as long as possible, you can fill their castles full with very high decorations if you are fairly active in events.


Lvl 20 – Lvl 30


  • reserver (US1)reserver (US1) Posts: 16
    edited 21.01.2019

                    Never try to get rank 1 in events, it will either force you to get a lot of experience(it will make you progress faster) and will force you to deplete your resources.

    I'm sorry, lad. But, at level 10-19, getting first gives you around 10k rubies, which is worth it. Extremely. How does clicking on a bunch of event camps/castles a lot deplete your resources? I get the experience part. But look at TNT Young Blood. (WinterBlood now.) They're trying so hard not to level up. They've been getting their asses handed to them while The Fight Team, Never Broke Again, and even The Alpha Dogs have grown more than them. I say, GO ALL OUT. 110%. 
  • reserver (US1)reserver (US1) Posts: 16
    edited 21.01.2019

                    First off, we all start the game with bunch of exciting quests and a lot of buildings to play around. 

    First off, the first rule to GGE is, DO NOT FOLLOW THE QUEST BOOK.
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,051
    Ignore nomads & Sams till level 60 beforehand they give so little tablets / tokens that it is not worth the experience you gain when attacking them rather focus on getting more FL sets and berimond in green, also you can get good decos in 41-69 so staying 10-19 only to get rubies from top x in fl&bc and fl parts forget the rest and berimond green castellan and comm are worth it as the berimond castellan from under level 50 can be used for some very strong combos

    You need or want help to become a better player shoot me a message in the forums or here I'll gladly help you out for free

    In h
    ibernation nov2019-now
  • _R11G_ (US1)_R11G_ (US1) US1 Posts: 76
    Nice guide, but which low level goes on forums...
  • BIGfatLord (AU1)BIGfatLord (AU1) AU1 Posts: 504
    not sure if there are even new players coming to the game 
    P.S:Kingdoms league titles sux

  • Most of the low levels are high levels restarting for better stuff

    ~Currently a Member
    of The War Kings
  • Zenzer (GB1)Zenzer (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,713
    Or people switching servers.
    That's quite popular. 

    No, i don't play on GB1. 

  • Galiaus (US1)Galiaus (US1) US1 Posts: 120
    Most of the low levels are high levels restarting for better stuff
    i restarted the game- but because my prev account was deleted when i got bored.

  • Galiaus (US1)Galiaus (US1) US1 Posts: 120
    edited 27.01.2019
    (how to play gooodgame empire)

    I say:
    1: follow quests until level 15
    2: build and attack, set defense to whatever @herveus tells you to.

    (noob advice)

  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) US1 Posts: 561
    Watchtowers are pretty important if you want to pvp.. 
    Gonna need them pissing off people left and right so you have more time to prep for horns. 

  • aAlexe (US1)aAlexe (US1) US1 Posts: 308
    A tip : don't.


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