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NEXUS PK-sub of Avengers(INT2) searches for new members

i58 (INT2)i58 (INT2) Posts: 330
Our alliance, NEXUS PK, in order to boost the amount of active members in its rosters has opened recruitment. We accept anyone from 19 level and above given that they are active regularly and participate in events. We don't currently have any loot requirements but that may change if activity in the alliance is raised significantly-which is not a plan we have in mind for the foreseeable future though. 

Furthermore I would like to note that our alliance has maxed out all alliance upgrades and new members will benefit not only from that but also from the attack boosts we activate if good targets present themselves. Of course players who can contribute in the alliance funds are most welcome but that is not an immediate requirement to join the alliance and we won't ask much of our lower level members since after all the alliance isn't currently in need of a large amount of contribution but higher level players are expected to contribute at least something once in a while. 

In addition all our members can benefit from the support the alliance can offer them, considering that we have at least some high legendary level players at level 70, but what is much more important is to note that NEXUS PK is under the protection of Avengers the currently ruling family of the INT 2 server. Therefore all alliance members are guaranteed the protection of their ops and resource villages as well as their protection from unlawful enemy attacks according to the official server rules of the INT 2 server which are strictly followed by the Avengers and so by NEXUS PK as well. Of course this means that all new members are REQUIRED to abide by the global INT2 rules and follow them to the letter. Except that you must know before joining that unless heavily provoked the alliance is determined to remained neutral in large scale wars outside the alliance. This means that in our alliance you had better focus on events rather than pvp as we try to stay out of it as much as we can. 

LINK TO OFFICIAL INT 2 GLOBAL RULES: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jEHs_5uqsFhMoWcvLBs4DLG-OPvsu6KHuY1B2-CRdas/edit#gid=1724222220

Promotions are given out mostly based on activity and participation in events. Receiving high ranking places in nomads, samurai, foreigners, blood crows or berimond invasion or normal berimond and so forth can raise ones chances to receive a promotion. For that reason weekly loot score might be also checked. While, as already mentioned there are no requirements for loot score right now in the alliance, higher loot score ranks will be sure to be noticed and give someone a chance for promotion sooner.  

Lastly it is preferable that you are close to the castle of at least one of the larger players of the alliance so that you can be more easily supported in case you are a low level player. That is not entirely necessary as the alliance isn't close together but it is definitely preferred.

To join send a message to either myself(i58) or Huhuplayer1 and we hope to have you with us soon!

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i58 ww2 level 70 legendary level 96
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  • dliu3 (US1)dliu3 (US1) Posts: 198US1
    Hi i58,
    I'm also playing on INT2 and would like to join!
    Proud member of Heavens Army on US1!
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