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I log on to my account. I am excited! I`m gonna be able to buy the freaking Yoshiro commander and max it out. It's practically a slightly weakened Ivory Queen! So imagine my dismay when GGE only has the stupid "Scar" commander, the outdated Samurai castellan and the worthless Samurai commander. We were promised this event would have the commander. After not ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE DELAYING NOMAD EVENTS LMAO. It's been a long time since Samurai were here, a long time to fix. 



  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) Posts: 10,776AU1
    It's in equipment trader  :D

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  • It's in equipment trader  :D
    I knew that, but I thought it was coming to the samurai shop to be bought with samurai tokens. Instead its going the same way as the Crow lol. 
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