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The Fight Team vs TNT Young Blood



  • LMAO my friends are in TNT Young Blood and guess what actually happened. 
    You see you guys used to be to scared of TNT Young Blood so you decide to play dishonorable by declaring on them without warning and massing them in the middle of the night when nobody is on because they have actual lives. Stop bragging about things when you haven't even given full account to what happened. 

    Also I hear that you have been asking to merge into TNT Young Blood recently which is actually extremely funny. 

    Another funny thing is that your members are forced against their will to stay as you say that if they leave you will burn them so Dictatorship at its finest right here.

    TNT Young Blood says it was an honor fighting you and they admit that you are a great war alliance. No hate from them or myself im just think it would have been better for you to just use all the facts and to respect your opponents. besides i'm more conservative so its kinda in my nature to use the facts. 

    Well happy holidays everybody and Merry Christmas!
    We would not have declared if we were scared. Another thing, how is a mass "dishonorable"? 
    We did not ever ask to merge into TNT young blood. TNT young blood was asked by Vet if they wanted to merge into us, (they have some really good low levels), they responded by asking us to merge into them, which was obviously a no.
    We do not force our members to "stay against their will". You have never been in our alliance so I have no clue where you came up with this accusation. Many of our members have left in the past and as far as I am aware we have not burned any of them. In fact, we are on good terms with many.
    All of your information is coming from a second hand source. You were not involved in the "war" in any way. If you want to criticize us, please at least do so from a firsthand perspective. All the information you received was from your friends... No bias there right?  

    I like to fight things.
  •  Hmm..

      Comparatively, Fight Team > Young Blood. ;)

      I know some YB Members that do not know what the TNT means in their name. :#

  • Peter John (US1)Peter John (US1) US1 Posts: 837
    TNT = The Night Team

    So this is just siblings quarrel, nothing to see.. let's move on.....

  • 5 mins later...

  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
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  • Ragnos (US1)Ragnos (US1) Posts: 16
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    5 mins later...

    Props to TNT,  they're doing much better than last time.

    They are still going to lose though ;)
    I like to fight things.
  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
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  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
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    First day of war (once again) and already reaching out for help TNT Young Blood? 

    Just to clarify, this is now our second war on the same thread... 
  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
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  • All from within the last hour. 

    Wonder if I starved anything yet?
    I like to fight things.
  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
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  • When friends of TNT Young Blood send more hits then TNT Young Blood....  :D  :D

  • The Veteran (US1)The Veteran (US1) US1 Posts: 85
    edited 22.12.2018

  • Dear TNT Young Blood,

    You have contacted Riders of Beck (who have declined to help you), you have messaged Force of Gods, who we defended every hit against, then you messaged Sword of Truth players for help, and their leader was not aware of this so you caused problems for them. Who else are you going to cry to? Can't fight your wars yourself? 

  • Even though it only lasted a day, the war was much more fun this time. TNT YB learned a lot since our last war. 
    I like to fight things.
  • What does the TNT in Young Blood mean? Too Nuub Tbh?


    "Don't believe me. Just watch. Came back from years of in-activity

    because of real life. Can't stop. Won't stop. The Trump way. B) "

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